Just throwing it out there....

Just want to put it out there. I'm in Chicago from Portland for game 4. If any ten clubbers can help a guy out with 2 tickets it would be appreciated.


  • You'll need to throw farther...
  • RP112579RP112579 Tinley Park, ILPosts: 3,167
    Sucks that you missed the 10c World Series ticket lottery.
    6/29/98 Chicago-United Center
    6/18/03 Chicago-United Center
    5/17/06 Chicago-United Center
    7/19/13 Chicago-Wrigley Field
    10/11/13 Pittsburgh-Consol Energy Center
    10/17/14 Moline-IWireless Center (No Code)
    10/20/14 Milwaukee-Bradley center (Yield)
    4/26/16 Lexington-Rupp Arena
    8/20/16 Chicago-Wrigley Field
    8/22/16 Chicago-Wrigley Field
    8/18/18 Chicago-Wrigley Field
    8/20/18 Chicago-Wrigley Field
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    RP112579 said:

    Sucks that you missed the 10c World Series ticket lottery.

    And all the bitching about the seating being by seniority.
    Especially from Boom, he's stuck in right field while Stone is behind the plate.
    This weekend we rock Portland
  • @ML223427 We all suck here but we mean it with love! Hope u get your tix and enjoy our ball bustin'!
  • What's $5,000 among friends?
  • What's $5,000 among friends?

    I thought it was $3K a ticket? That's a bargain then!

    Seriously though. I would wish that this fellow 10c'er gets some tix.
  • SJD3232SJD3232 Posts: 2,126
    Good luck, family!
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