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Donors Choose is a website where teachers ask for help in getting needed supplies for their classroom. Once a year they partner with Sonic. Sonic will fund $1,000,000 in projects during the month of October.

I am an elementary teacher in a low income neighborhood looking to get bean bag and reading chairs ( whoever would have thought how pricey these are!).

You can vote once a DAY and you can gain additional votes if you post on Facebook, Twitter, or send out an email.

I would absolutely love it if you were available to vote for my project. If you choose not to, I would absolutely love it if you voted daily for another project ( perhaps one in your neighborhood). Either way you are only taking 1 minute every day to help out a classroom.



  • lexicondevillexicondevil Bay AreaPosts: 1,385
    Donors Choose is an essential resource for teachers, especially for those of us who work at schools in low income neighborhoods. I just got a project funded for poetry books and poetry writing materials for my classroom. Please support Donors Choose! I voted for you SteffyLou.
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  • SteffyLouSteffyLou Posts: 369
    Thank you!

    Put in another project for Sonic. You still have 3 weeks left!
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