Justice For Daniel Shaver

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copy paste the message of the wife of Daniel Shaver...both pj fans..they met at pj show..
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"Hey guys! I'm Laney. I've been wanting to share my story with you all and hope you'll take a moment to read this.

Just wanted to share my heart and my connection to this music.

Back in 2008, I attended Bonnaroo and fell in love with the man who would become my husband. We danced, sang and took in the beauty of Pearl Jam's set that warm June evening. I was almost 17 at the time, he was a year older and had just graduated. A few months later we found ourselves pregnant and started our family. Years passed and we welcomed our second (planned) daughter into the world.

Several years ago I told him that I wanted to help another family have a baby via surrogacy. After awhile of talking about it, he supported my in my desire to do this. We met a couple from Cali who longed for a daughter. They ironically were huge Pearl Jam fans. We knew they were the perfect couple! Unfortunately our first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at almost 10 weeks. I labored to their music as we said goodbye to their daughter. A few months later, we attempted our second IVF transfer. We got pregnant with another baby girl.

In January, while I was six months pregnant with this child, my husband Daniel Shaver was murdered by a police officer in Mesa, AZ. It was ruled unjustified and the officer was charged with second degree murder. He is facing trial next May. His friends played Yellow Ledbetter at his memorial since it was a song he had a sweet memory tied to with his mother.

I delivered their daughter three months ago and she is happy and healthy. They are in love! My daughters and I, unfortunately, are quite broken these days. We miss Daniel deeply. We would have celebrated our eighth anniversary this June. Pearl Jam just happened to be headlining Bonnaroo for the first time since 2008, so my seven year old and I traveled 700 miles to go and spread some of her dad's ashes in the field where we fell in love, while listening to the same band we did that warm night eight years before. She did 75 Acts of Random Kindness to strangers while there in her dad's honor.

Some dear friends of mine gave me a ticket to next Monday's show and I will be traveling from Texas in an attempt to find more healing and be connected to him. My fingers are crossed they will play Sirens, it's very dear to my heart with where I'm at in life right now. Think of us if they do. ❤️

If you're interested in following our story, come check out our justice page and group. Justice For Daniel Shaver // Justice For Daniel Shaver

Blessings to you all. ✌
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