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It's that time again! I have registered to climb the Space Needle stairs again this year on October 2nd to help raise money for Fred Hutchinson Cancer research. I am asking for monetary donations, as well as raffle items.

Last year I climbed 832 steps up to the top of the Space Needle and raised over $2500 for Fred Hutch. This year I have doubled my goal. I didn't get to be one of the lucky 12 that walked the halo of the Needle, but I haven't given up on that 'bucket list' wish!

I am walking again this year to celebrate my sister-in-law's final chemo treatment which happened a few weeks ago, to beat my time of 19 minutes last year (I stopped to take pictures....a LOT), and because I had so much fun last year.

A little back history of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center: William B. Hutchinson-brother of Fred Hutchinson the MLB player that succumbed to cancer in 1964-founded the Pacific Northwest Research Foundation. In 1972, with the help of Warren G. Magnuson (the guy 'that park' was named after, and where 'that show' happened). the PNRF received federal funding to create one of 15 new NCI designated cancer centers in Seattle.

I will be holding another raffle, $5 per entry or 5 entries for $20.

I have been neglecting this, and I apologize-I haven't been feeling well the last few months.
To get back on track, I will be offering personalized dog tags to all those that donate $40 or more, dog tags are being offered to those that have already donated.
If you missed donating last year, I had offered a personalized dog tag to people that donated $40 or more. I wore the dog tags on my climb to the top of the Space Needle and mailed them back to the donators. It was very touching to other participants that asked me about them.

CUTOFF FOR DOGTAGS will be September 20th.

Please PM me if you would like to make a raffle item donation, or have any questions!

If you would like to make a direct donation, my fundraising page is:.

Please remember, your donation is 100% tax deductible since 100% of the money goes to Fred Hutch.

Thank you for your support!

Current raffle items are:
(I can't post pics, so here are links to items)

1. Foo Fighters Setlist-donated by oftenreading
2. Ft. Lauderdale 2016 A/P PJ poster-donated by Amongst the Ani
3. Mariners Mike McCready Scarf-donated by RKCNDY
4. North Carolina Cancelled Show poster-donated by F Me in the Brain
5. Toronto 2005 poster-donated by F Me in the Brain
6. Buenos Aires 2015 poster-donated by F Me in the Brain
7. MSG II 2016 poster-donated by SD48277
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