Extra VAT/customs/taxes on merch.

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I don't know if this has been covered and if it is the right place to post it, but here goes:
Now on three occasions I've had my order picked up by the Danish Postal "service" telling me that I have to pay an additional VAT/customs.
Recently my May days t-shirt arrived June 6th ... and well it didn't really, because instead of my killer t-shirt, there was a bill for 209 Dkr roughly 30 dollars, given the price on the shirt, the shipping etc. it's a grandtotal of 69 dollars. Which well is a pretty costly t-shirt to be honest. Is there any way for me and fellow Danes/Europeans to get passed this by switching to a different shippingmethod? Or are we just lucky everytime we don't get pinched by the VAT/customs people?
I for one don't mind waiting a month+ for my gear to show up ...
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    HD, That sucks. I hope that there is a reasonable resolution for you and other folks in your same situation.

    Makes us here in the states complaining about Mail Innovations slow service sound like a bunch of whiny nits.
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    I've just been hit with a customs charge on the XXV Tee shirt in the UK. The top has now cost me £41.
    I get hit with customs almost every time so I'm going to have to only buy downloads from now on. I much prefer the actual CDs but I just can't afford the shipping and customs charges.
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