Pearl Jam App

I think I downloaded the app, but it isn't recognizing my email to log in. Says I need to pay $19.99 to upgrade, but isn't that why I paid my yearly club fee?

Unless the app fee is separate. Let me know!


  • veddie10veddie10 Posts: 10
    I have used the app for years, and just recently have had the same issue, starting maybe 3 days ago. Whenever I try to login, it tells me my email address is invalid. Tapping on any tab at the bottom causes the app to crash, except for "Connect," which works fine. I've deleted and reinstalled, but no luck. I think the app's got bugs. Standing. Sitting. Kneeling. A few block the door.
  • p0lyg0np0lyg0n Posts: 7
    I'm looking to solve the same problem. It kicked me out and just says "invalid". I hope it gets fixed before the shows this week.
  • My App wigged out also. I deleted and tried to reinstall- no app showing now. Devastated- what's happening?
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