MSG Night 2 - the fans in Section 1 - Thank you!!!

I have to say thank you to the fellows near me seated in section 1 for the 2nd show at MSG. I have no idea if y'all check the forums or if you'll ever come across this. I flew in from Texas solo to see both shows. Not only were the concerts awesome but the fans were AWESOME too!

There was one guy next to me and two guys behind me. Seriously you all contributed to make the night an unforgettable experience.

These guys right off the bat were my friends. They were buying/bringing me beer all night. I really started to feel bad, I mean, there's a two beer limit and this guy went and stood in line to buy two beer for two strangers, delivered them, then went back for himself! At one point I turned around and told them that they're too nice. They wouldn't let me pay.

He told me, "Pearl Jam fans take care of each other"

But it's not just about the money they spent on me. It's moments like that where you can really lose yourself in the concert, in the music. When there are kindred spirits around you - all sharing the moment.

I will be sure to repay the kindness to who ever I can at the next show I have the chance to attend.

I'm terribly sorry that I didn't get a chance to say good bye to you guys that night. I hope one day you find this! THANK YOU!


  • hedonisthedonist standing on the edge of foreverPosts: 19,879
    Fucking awesome first post. Smile-inducing!

    Bless the kindred spirits we encounter by any means.
  • FrankieGFrankieG Abingdon MDPosts: 9,090
    The people around you definitely make the experience better. :smiley:
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