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Tickets In The Parking Lot?

Will a good ticket be hard to find in the parking lot tonight?


  • kosteva2kosteva2 Posts: 194
    Be wary of scalpers. The Philly ones have a reputation for fake tickets and even fake $ when they make change. I've had friends/family get burned there before. Do not buy from someone who looks like they can't name at least a few Pearl Jam songs.
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  • JojoRiceJojoRice Kennesaw, GAPosts: 2,049
    I wouldn't advise it. I'd try hanging out near the 10C will call and try your luck there.
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  • josevolutionjosevolution Posts: 25,053
    If you do buy from scalper tell them to walk up to turnstiles with you to make sure they are legit , I've done this at MSG otherwise
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  • josevolutionjosevolution Posts: 25,053
    Don't buy
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  • MayDay10MayDay10 Posts: 10,998
    Biggest concern is fake tickets.

    I see some very good, affordable tix on the hub right now
  • josevolutionjosevolution Posts: 25,053
    jesus greets me looks just like me ....
  • KP_McMinnKP_McMinn West Philadelphia born and raisedPosts: 523
    I think there will be a decent number of tickets available, no doubt.
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  • Walk up to the box office about two hours before the show, they almost always release tickets. I did this in Greenville and got two lower level about halfway back. My buddy did the same in Tampa and got two right next to the stage about 20 rows up. Philly is obviously a much higher demand show, but it's worth a shot.
  • GotBugsGotBugs Posts: 28
    Tickets at box office now according to PJ tweet
  • PredakingPredaking Posts: 257
    I have fc reserved available. Sec 112. Face, of course.
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