The official SINGLE (1) Ticket ISO/SPARE thread



  • ISO 1 GA for Jacksonville or Tampa.
  • HP24632HP24632 Montreal, CanadaPosts: 41
    ISO : Single to MSG 1
    Buying or trading for Fenway 08/05 Section B89
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  • Walking the milesWalking the miles TorontoPosts: 528

    I've posted this like 9 times already, but I have one single Toronto 1 ticket, section 101 row 22 seat 2 reserved seating. Face value - also might have a TC pair for Ottawa if I can't find a 2nd person to go with!

    PM sent
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  • abhijitmgabhijitmg Greensboro, NCPosts: 21
    abhijitmg said:

    Got a single TM ticket for Greenville. PM me if anyone's interested.

  • dcarlsonpjdcarlsonpj Minneapolis Posts: 55
    Have: Extra GA Wrigley Night 2
    Need: GA Wrigley Night 1

    Can offer beer and local recommendations in addition :)
  • JonTurnerJonTurner Posts: 87
    Lost lottery and ISO 1 single GA for Miami... Please PM, help, etc... Please, please, please :)
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  • DPrival78DPrival78 CTPosts: 2,250
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    i have one for MSG 2. Chase Bridges 310, row BS 3. Just looking for face. PM me if interested

    edit: ticket is spoken for
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  • ISO one Lexington, GA preferably. Thanks!
  • CG128129CG128129 Posts: 6
    ISO Philly, night 1, hoping for Pit.
  • Hey guys, I MAY have a single Tampa reserved and a single Jacksonville GA. Lemme know if interested. Member# 159xxx.
  • JonTurnerJonTurner Posts: 87

    Hey guys, I MAY have a single Tampa reserved and a single Jacksonville GA. Lemme know if interested. Member# 159xxx.

    PM sent
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  • DPrival78 said:

    i have one for MSG 2. Chase Bridges 310, row BS 3. Just looking for face. PM me if interested

    pm sent
  • Have 2 reserved tickets for Lexington, looking to trade them for 1 GA ticket or might be willing to just sell the spare reserved ticket
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  • Sandy66Sandy66 Queensland, Australia Posts: 223
    ISO Philly night 2, thanks
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  • MakeUSmileMakeUSmile NJPosts: 485
    Iso one philly 2 GA. Have pairs to both fenways and a single ticketmaster to msg 1 to offer in a trade.
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  • dkast85dkast85 NYC areaPosts: 99
    TRADE: 1 MSG Monday ticket for 1 MSG Sunday ticket

    I have recently realized that I have an extra ticket to the MSG monday (5/2) show and would like to get my hands on an MSG sunday (5/1).

    The seats are in 414. Not good, but gets you in the door. So because it is in 414 I really don't care where the 5/1 ticket is located that you trade me.
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  • pjsteelerfanpjsteelerfan MarylandPosts: 9,805
    ISO one Greenville, thanks a mind full of questions and a teacher in my soul...
  • luvspearljamluvspearljam NY, NYPosts: 207
    HI, ISO a single ticket to the 5/1 MSG show. I wasn't able to get a ticket, looking to buy a spare from anyone who has one.

    Native NY'er here, so can be a help if you need a tour guide or advice navigating around.

    PM me if you have anything at all, I'm not particular on seat location.

  • eeriepadaveeeriepadave West Chester, PAPosts: 32,983
    looking for one for MSG 1 as well (got lucky and got one for night 2 through ticketmaster but am up in the nosebleeds, lol)
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  • DivkaDivka Posts: 191
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    Single Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. Thought my extra was sold but it's not. My # is 64204. Seats tonight row 2 sec 133

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  • hoyatonehoyatone Posts: 142
    If anyone is still looking for a single for tonight FLL. I have two.

    Sec 105
    Sec 124
  • czaj15czaj15 Posts: 33
    Looking for a Greenville ga
  • yalzinyalzin Posts: 23
    Looking for one Greenville GA ticket. Coming out from California, willing to meet up anytime before the show! Thanks!
  • MG111946MG111946 Posts: 3
    I managed to sell my +1 for Hampton but in the process have exchanged emails after the fact with a very nice PJ fan who is still in search of a ticket. If you have a +1 to sell for Hampton (I think RES is preferred), let me know and I can connect you.
  • wavesrollbywavesrollby Posts: 373
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  • JDime20JDime20 Posts: 148
    I have a spare reserved seat for both the Tampa and Jacksonville shows. Member number 535***. PM me if interested
  • ISO one ticket to Philly 4/29 and one ticket to both MSG shows. PM me. Thanks
  • GlttrGrrlGlttrGrrl Posts: 129
    Looking for a single 10c ticket for either Philly show!

  • JonTurnerJonTurner Posts: 87
    Looking for single GA or good 10c res for Miami tonight... Pease PM or text 702 557 O829 Thanks!
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  • Shut out on all 10c tickets (6) went for ..looking for Miami or Tampa David 716-435-1499
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