2016 Tour Posters?



  • HoccapukHoccapuk Posts: 381
    All I know is I hope Wrigley does not have 4 posters per night... one each night and printed in a fair amount
  • JB198244JB198244 Western NYPosts: 47
    derbydave said:

    Chuck Sperry
    David Welker
    James Flames
    Clinton Reno

    A Welker would be super
  • tridenttrident MAPosts: 81
    I like EMEK for Fenway. If he created some kind of nautical poster for each night and if you put them together it would be 1 super poster.
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  • jp307677jp307677 BostonPosts: 412
    I can't wait to see what Munk would come up with for Fenway
  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 56,796
    Would be pretty cool to see a Miles Tsang, James Flames & Marq Spusta do a Pearl Jam gig poster. If Miles Tsang does get to do one I hope he does both Toronto shows. He created a sweet diptych set for Foo Fighter's last year.

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