Ukulele songs hardcover brand new

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I have 1 brand new Eddie Vedder ukulele songs hardcover book never opened. The envelope that has the cd in it has never been opened
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    What are you gonna do with it?
    I'm like an opening band for your mom.
  • Trying to sell it for medical bills for my wife,
  • Need to post a price. Forum rules...
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    How much?
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    Rgambs, trying to get about $200 or best offer
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    I am a little confused. Are you asking me a question?
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    The bump? When people "bump" your discussion it keeps you more visible page 1 page 2 ect...bump bump ;) good luck.

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    Thank you
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    Did I sell this to you?
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    No sir or ma'am, I have it in my pearl jam order history
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