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LEG 1 - Need a ticket/Have an extra ticket thread



  • hi,

    i am looking for 1 ticket for either, or both, of the L.A. shows please :)
    please PM me if you have 1. thanks.
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  • RebekahRebekah Cape Cod, MAPosts: 44
    ISO fenway- 1 ticket to each night. 10c or field ticket please!
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  • I'll be in reserved for night 1 with my Chicago cousin who once got to play HS soccer on the field. I have reserved for night 2 and I'm looking to find a single GA for it. I have a pair of reserved to offer in trade. I have a nice low seniority number. If anyone is interested in talking about helping me out with a GA, please PM me. I am searching for 2 Ft. Lauderdale GAs as well. And for a Night 1 MSG GA too. Cheers! Rock on!
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