Hello fellow Pearl Jam fans!

I started a little photography blog a few weeks back. The text is in German, but there's hardly any text (and it's not that important anyway). The blog is devided into the home page and the categories nature (Natur), city life (Stadtleben), people (Menschen) and motives (Motive). Plus, there's a subsection about iceland (Island) under the category Natur.

I would be happy if you visited my page and told me what you thought about it. It's just a hobby of mine and I'm still learning, so I'm looking forward to all kinds of criticism :)

Thank you,


  • Bud ColderBud Colder BaltimorePosts: 142
    I take pictures it was a dream of mine to do like rock concerts ect. But Never happened for me . To me it seems like you have a good eye for taking pictures. I still life film but have started using Digital what's your take on that?????
  • evsgjammevsgjamm Posts: 2,007
    Nice blog:)

    I just wanted to pass along two other people's websites for you just for your own curious mind to soak in.

    Both of these fellas are from the good ole prairie province of Saskatchewan. Very nature-inspired photography with a specialization in storms.

    Inspiration comes from many places!

    Cheers and good luck to you.
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