Grand Rapids 06

Watched it today for the 100th time. For those of us who stumbled upon that show we are very very lucky!!! Just one of those nights!!! By far my favorite of all MY SHOWS! "Gran rapids, who would have thought"
Brooklyn 1,2 13
Chicago EV 08 11 13
Cleveland 94 98 03 06 10
Cincinatti 06
Columbus 00 03 10
Detroit 06 EV 11 14
Grand Rapids 06
Hershey 03
Jacksonville EV 12
Moline 14
Montreal 05
Milwaukee EV 08
Nobelsville 03
Ottawa 05
Pittsburgh 06 13
Toledo 96 04



  • buck502000buck502000 Birthplace of GIBSON guitarPosts: 8,755
    anyone have a flac file for this?
    Chicago 1&2-18 Cork-EV-17 Chicago 1&2-16 Miami-16 Ft. Lauderdale-16 New York City(Colbert,Sound Check,Show)-15 Moline-14 Detroit-14 Amsterdam 1&2-14 Chicago-13 Noblesville-10 Grand Rapids-06 Grand Rapids-04 Auburn Hills-00 Auburn Hills-98 Toledo-96

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  • javis el errantejavis el errante Buenos AiresPosts: 6,119
    I chose this show with the free download from european Backspacer CD, based on the setlist, I wasn't there, but that setlist is a killer, one of my fav boots from all time...
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