Eddie Vedder playing Metro - Hot Stove Cool Music?

Just curious ... but wondering if anyone knows if Eddie will be the 'special guest' playing the Hot stove Cool Music concert at the Metro this upcoming July 9th.
From all the lil' comments out on XRT and Len Kasper's blog ... my feeling it could be Ed since he's a huge Cubs fan ... friends with Theo and more ... but no word out yet and haven't seen anything written except that there will be an "All Start guest ... no ... a Hall of Fame guest performer?


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    That would be neat. Plenty of great material to choose from if that ends up being the case- http://www.discogs.com/artist/671844-Kermit-The-Frog
    But yeah, would be cool. Hall of Fame guest performer could also be Peter Gammons.
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  • cweeks1111cweeks1111 Posts: 142
    The Cubs twitter account just confirmed that it's Ed.
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  • muskydanmuskydan Posts: 1,013
    Yep, yep
  • SteffyLouSteffyLou Posts: 366
    The Metro is small. That would be awesome to see. Those tickets will be impossible to get.
  • MichaelGMichaelG Posts: 89
    Thanks and agree ... they did announce it ...
    Looks like they are selling VIP tix now for $1,000 (pretty hefty .. but it is for charity)
    Also selling GA today at noon via etix
    Wondering when the last time Ed or PJ played the Metro? 1992? As SteffyLou said .... very small!

  • ehbaconehbacon Posts: 1,931
    is it just him or is he just guest starring?
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  • drsluggodrsluggo Posts: 4,731
    Him and a ton of guests... will probably be like the Who show where he plays a few solo song, a few with some guests, and a few with their big all-star band.
  • Wish I would have rolled the dice when the first batch of tix went on sale. Good luck everyone!

    Curious to see if EV is part of the VIP preparty.
  • MichaelGMichaelG Posts: 89
    I went to 3 of these charity event shows in the past and the other artists play in the beginning and then main headliner comes out and plays an hour and 1/2 or so. In 2012 Smashing Pumpkins played a 15 song set. So hoping its the same this year.

    And also to note, looks like Jimmy Chamberlin won't be playing now as he will back on tour with the Pumpkins this summer. Their new drummer and bassist quit (*shocking).
  • RibbertronRibbertron Posts: 163
    So at noon where it says "NOT ON SALE" that is where we will be able to buy them? I don't even see where it says tix will be on sale at noon.

    18 & Over. Valid State or Federal ID required for entry.
    Doors open at 7:30 PM.

    Chicago Trading Company Presents.. Hot Stove Cool Music: A Concert Benefitting The Foundation To Be Named Later featuring Eddie Vedder with The Hot Stove Cool Music All Stars feat. Peter Gammons, John Stirratt (Wilco), Daxx Nielsen (Cheap Trick), Freda Love Smith (Blake Babies, Mysteries of Life), Jake Smith (Antenna, Mysteries of Life), Jason Narducy (Split Single, Bob Mould), Brendan Bayliss (Umphrey’s Mcgee), Gerald Dowd (Frisbe, Robbie Fulks, Justin Roberts), Matt Spiegel and Curt Morrison (Tributosaurus), Jennifer Hall, Heather Boehm, Max Crawford, Steve Frisbie and Scott Stevenson.

    To Purchase VIP Tickets PLEASE CLICK HERE
  • MichaelGMichaelG Posts: 89
    on now ... showing 5 min and counting till GA goes on sale
  • bootlegger10bootlegger10 Posts: 11,960
    Those went quick.
  • RibbertronRibbertron Posts: 163
    Any luck? I am still sitting in a queue, my gf is just getting "tickets are not available"

    At least there is hope
  • Emerald772Emerald772 Posts: 53
    That's gotta be the fastest I've seen, they were out in less than 2 minutes for me. oh well.
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  • pshackpshack Posts: 17
    Those were only a select few of the tickets since the concert had already went on sale at the end of May.
  • MichaelGMichaelG Posts: 89
    GA tickets were selling for $75 before it said sold out on Metro's website 2-3 weeks ago
    The place is tiny ... guessing it holds no more than 950. And now throw in all the Cubs & Hawks players going + VIP ... and then all the sponsors ... doubt there were 500 tix. available to General Public?
  • RibbertronRibbertron Posts: 163
    I wonder how long I should sit in this queue or if it's just the site glitching.
  • pearlgirl52pearlgirl52 At a Pearl Jam show, hopefully.Posts: 627
    Did anyone on here get tickets? Good for you if you did!
  • fireman148fireman148 Posts: 55
    YES!!!! Got 2!!!!!
  • lolobugglolobugg BLUE RDGE MTNSPosts: 7,848
    The Metro is a great venue.
    should be an awesome show.


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  • RibbertronRibbertron Posts: 163

    YES!!!! Got 2!!!!!

    Nice! How long were you waiting in the screen

    "Due to high volume, we've placed you in the queue for tickets."

    Mine is still going on the screen hoping you were in there for a bit before them popping up?
  • MichaelGMichaelG Posts: 89
    Got a ticket ... but not today... from previous sale.
  • pearlgirl52pearlgirl52 At a Pearl Jam show, hopefully.Posts: 627
    Hail, hail to the lucky ones! My fingers are crossed for Ed showing up at the crosstown classic!
  • fireman148fireman148 Posts: 55
    Clicked find GA tickets at 1200 and got tickets instantly
  • mattcozmattcoz ChicagoPosts: 1,272
    Ugh, sucks that I missed this. If anyone has one extra...
  • PJ-CubsPJ-Cubs Posts: 3,139
    Shut out during today's sale.

    Looking for 1-2 tickets if anyone has extras. As a Cubs and EV fan, would love to go to this show.
  • RibbertronRibbertron Posts: 163
    Lol I am still in the queue.....probably not happening :angry:
  • SarahSarah TorontoPosts: 733
    Love baseball, love Pearl Jam, love to see a good cause get supported! Hope everyone who's going has a great time!
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    Also, is Ed going to do a legit performance or just a 45 min show like the who show a few months ago?
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