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Pearl Jam Alba hosting PJ.Con 2014

OUTLAW1690OUTLAW1690 Kirkintilloch, Glasgow, ScotlandPosts: 3
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Hello to everyone. I run a group called Pearl Jam Alba and we are putting on the first ever Pearl Jam convention in Glasgow, Scotland. I would be grateful if everyone can get involved and come along. Spread the word brother and sisters!!!! Details below and look us up on Facebook.

Saturday 8th November 2014 at 1930 hrs
260 Clyde Street, G1 4JH Glasgow, United Kingdom

Tickets Available through

A gathering for the Faithful.

An event for all things Pearl Jam right here in Scotland. It will take place in River and will have Pearl Vs Jam playing to give us all our PJ fix. Our compère for the night will be long time fan and Scotland's top DJ Tom Russell playing all Seattle's finest and you can decide some of the play list.

Tickets are available from Eventbrite through the link on the page and are only £5 each. All monies raised will cover the cost of the event and any left over will go to The Vitalogy Foundation.

More details will be added as they develop. So help your Love Boat Captain and get on board to make this event one to remember

Pearl Jam Alba
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  • rangers72rangers72 lockerbie.ukPosts: 136
    good to see you hear buddy!just got my tickets on what will be a great night!.i put something up on hear a couple of days as well.greig
  • OUTLAW1690OUTLAW1690 Kirkintilloch, Glasgow, ScotlandPosts: 3
    Thank You my friend. I see we share another interest ;-)
    Pearl Jam Alba
  • rangers72rangers72 lockerbie.ukPosts: 136
    you have impeccable taste sir!
  • steve73steve73 Posts: 56
    just got four tickes roll on the 8th of november :D
  • anileanile Posts: 12
    Got my ticket. :-)
  • rangers72rangers72 lockerbie.ukPosts: 136
    just to let people know we now have a special tshirt and poster for sale(with profits going to the vitaology foundation).ticket sales have went very well and there are some left so get them while you can!.check our pearl jam alba facebook page for details.
  • rangers72rangers72 lockerbie.ukPosts: 136
    just a update the venue has moved to the cellar bar which is based on osbourne street in Glasgow and theres only 10 tickets get them while you can!
  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 64,800
    Pretty cool poster.

  • OUTLAW1690OUTLAW1690 Kirkintilloch, Glasgow, ScotlandPosts: 3
    Thanks Demetrios. The night was a great success and enjoyed by all. You can have one if you wish for £2 + p&p. All money going to charity.

    Pearl Jam Alba
  • Great stuff to all those involved. I hope last night was a huge success and a good amount of money was raised for charity.
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  • whispering handswhispering hands Under your skinPosts: 13,527
    Pics please!! This would have been awesome to see in person!!
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