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FS: Of Potatoheads Deluxe Book; Third Man Vault; Sleater-Kinney 7LP Box

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FOR SALE: All prices include cheapest USPS shipping to destinations in the US. Payment made by Paypal F&F.

Pearl Jam - Live at Third Man Records package (Vault 29) - $125 - new sealed in mailer
Sleater-Kinney - Start Together box set - $150 - new sealed, 2nd print (not colored vinyl set) on black vinyl I believe.


Of Potato Heads and Polaroids Deluxe Edition (signed polaroid and slipcover) - $120 - new never read

imageimage imageimage image
Eddie Vedder Oakland 2011 misprint - Star Wars theme by Mark 5 Poster
Live on Two Legs Double Sided Promo Poster -
Calgary 2009 - Acorn -
Chicago 2006 w/ MMJ - Klausen -
EV: smaller Ukulele songs (covered face) poster
Black Crowes - Willin / Boomers Story (clear white) 7"
1998 North American Yield Tour -
Toronto 2011 - Munk One -
Eddie Vedder 2011 US Tour - Jeff Soto Triptych - Providence 6/15/11; Seattle 7/16/11; standalone
Made in America 2012 - Ames / Klausen
Las Vegas 2000 (10th Anniversary) - Ames
Vedder postcard shirts: NEW NEVER WORN Ft Lauderdale; Clearwater; Austin
Vote for Change 2004 'A Super 8 Movie' - not numbered edition
Eddie Vedder w/ Liam Finn Leg 1 2009 - Klausen -
Newcastle 2006 w/ Kings of Leon - Greulich -
New Orleans 2010 - Klausen -
Philadelphia Night 2, 2016 - EMEK -
PJ - The Fixer 7" (white)
Vedder - Love Boat Captain / Wishlist 7"
Camden 2008 Night 1 (Red) - Brad Klausen
Eddie Vedder April Fools 2008 - Klausen -
EV Summer 2009 - Klausen -
Stockholm 2014 - Slater
Navy Blue Potatohead / Shoot! shirt
VS/ Vitalogy Super Deluxe New
Eddie Vedder - Ukulele Songs original pressing - new factory sealed

TEMP Photo(s) (Baseball and potato shirt are gone will be reworking/relisting other shirts)

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    Please note, I want to sell the items in first post to get some space back. This is a placeholder
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  • smitalsmital Posts: 186
    Thanks for the bump! Please note, I want to get sell the posters first to get some space back. The stuff in the second post is not as important for me to trade because it occupies so little room and because I want to add more to that section.
  • smitalsmital Posts: 186
  • smitalsmital Posts: 186
    If anyone has any questions, please let me know!
  • smitalsmital Posts: 186
    Bump to the top - let me know about any posters today please! I have limited windows to ship.
  • cropdustdaircropdustdair Lakewood, CO / Earth Posts: 2,006
    PM sent!
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    Bump for a good guy to deal with. Got my stickers today. Thanks!
  • smitalsmital Posts: 186
    Thanks for the bump! Couple shirts and many stickers gone.
  • JzPJzP Posts: 931
    Good seller.Thanks.
  • smitalsmital Posts: 186
    Bump - please check out the posters and 7"s!
  • smitalsmital Posts: 186
    Sold a few items and added one poster.
  • smitalsmital Posts: 186
  • JM45667JM45667 Posts: 183
    Received my two prints in fine shape. Thanks to smital.
  • smitalsmital Posts: 186
    bump - probably the last weekend I can ship anything so please touch base in the next 24 hours or so!
  • smitalsmital Posts: 186
    lowered price on shirts!
  • smitalsmital Posts: 186
    New Year bump!
  • smitalsmital Posts: 186
    bump for whatever reason. Would like to move some posters and the shirts still...
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    PM sent!
  • smitalsmital Posts: 186
    Just sent you a reply TFlyer!
  • TFlyerTFlyer DMV (dc,md,va)Posts: 881
    Waiting to hear back from you :)
  • smitalsmital Posts: 186
    Never heard back from TFlyer on a pending offer but here is a bump for the posters I have
  • smitalsmital Posts: 186
    Bump - the Yield poster may be pending
  • smitalsmital Posts: 186
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    PM sent
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    Bump - all PMs replied to and two posters are gone (pending mailing). I used the proceeds to make an extra donation to Teen Cancer America and Foundation.
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  • Bump for a great seller here - got my 98' poster fast & in awesome shape! Stoked! Definitely deal with the OP if you see something you want!
  • smitalsmital Posts: 186
    Bump - reduced prices on posters and stuff. I can ship on weekends.
  • smitalsmital Posts: 186
    Bump! Same as above.
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