Mystery posters in store now



  • musicsam3musicsam3 Posts: 182

    I just bought a Cleveland 06 like 2-3 months ago. Hope I don't get another...

    Fuckin jinxed myself. 8-} Cleveland 06 arrived today. Anyone looking for it?
    yeah, I am.
  • En La ClandestinidadEn La Clandestinidad Kansas City, MO by way of Milwaukee, WI, Phoenix, AZ and East Greenbush, NYPosts: 3,563
    The quality of these posters...has gone WAY up today!!! Love seeing all those Wrigley's!

    My top poster that I have seen in the tubes is definitely the 2005 Atlantic City poster, love that one!!!

    Already have the Shuss (thanks Kasedoug) otherwise that would easily be my number 1!
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  • JimmyVJimmyV Boston's MetroWestPosts: 12,861
    Got mine. MSG 2008. This was fun! I'm open to a trade so let the fun continue!

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  • KC138045KC138045 Columbus, OHPosts: 2,669
    Anyone looking to get rid of a 10 Columbus you can have the 05 Edmonton I got. Might even throw a Fleet Center Rehesrsal poster.
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  • MS35398MS35398 Posts: 25
    I should have waited another day to order my mystery poster. This Friday wave is blowing away the earlier wave!
  • PopmartijnPopmartijn Posts: 374
    I think I still have to wait a few weeks before my mystery tube arrives. You gotta love international mail sometimes... :)
    But I am enjoying seeing these posters in this thread. So many different designs, some from way back, that I hadn't seen before. Keep posting those pictures (or expressobeans links)!
  • JimmyVJimmyV Boston's MetroWestPosts: 12,861
    MS35398 said:

    I should have waited another day to order my mystery poster. This Friday wave is blowing away the earlier wave!

    Don't beat yourself up, these are just Friday deliveries. I ordered mine within the first 20 minutes.


    "...I changed by not changing at all..."
  • hammahamma Posts: 88
    Wrigley 13 Ames, willing to trade for Boston 10, 08 Montreal 05 or another show I've been to. I already have the Wrigley Emek framed.
  • KC138045KC138045 Columbus, OHPosts: 2,669
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    hamma said:

    Wrigley 13 Ames, willing to trade for Boston 10, 08 Montreal 05 or another show I've been to. I already have the Wrigley Emek framed.

    Edmonton 2005?
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  • CROJAM95CROJAM95 Posts: 6,143
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    Last year somebody was nice enough and bought me a Wrigley EMEK Monster poster the minute they were on sale at the venue. They shipped it to me and it came in COMPLETELY ruined. Wrinkled and dented.
    So now......the 10c hooked me up in the mystery poster sale! I got the "Dirty Frank" poster and I love it! It nicely commemorates my Wrigley thunderstorm waiting for hours experience!



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  • I got Cornice if anyone wants it.
  • jervin007jervin007 Posts: 3,177
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    MS35398 said:

    I should have waited another day to order my mystery poster. This Friday wave is blowing away the earlier wave!

    I ordered mine immediately after they went on-sale. I don't really think that when you ordered it had any influence on the poster you got.
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  • djmikeyz28djmikeyz28 Posts: 255
    Mystery poster arrived today! Ames print from Boston 6/28/08! Cool print. Open to trade or sale though if anyone's been looking for it. Thanks 10C! Love the mystery buys!
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  • spaapspaap Posts: 27
    Received Cleveland '06...Open to trade if anyone is interested.
  • andyfarrimondandyfarrimond Posts: 1,799
    The Vegas 2006 Ames arrived at home today, I'm on the other side of the Atlantic so had to call the wife to open it for me. It's been great fun reading what everyone has got and seeing how excited some people have been with their scores...bring on the next wave!
  • RP112579RP112579 Tinley Park, ILPosts: 3,010
    So many great posters being posted today! Now I officially regret not ordering one! #-o
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  • alphawolfalphawolf DelMarVaPosts: 443
    portugal 2000 arrived today
    im happy :D
    thanks yall @ 10c!
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  • SkeeterBSkeeterB If I knew where it was, I would take you there...Posts: 420
    I got the Wrigley Munk One Frankfurter one. I got it last year at the show, so open to trades.
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  • AMO28AMO28 Posts: 61
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    Received St. Paul 06'
    Cool poster but it's up for trade!
    Thanks 10C
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  • kw18kw18 Posts: 3,909
    Open to trades.

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  • Brane_of_JFKBrane_of_JFK MarylandPosts: 1,687
    kw18 said:

    Open to trades.

    Hahahaha, hilarious :)
  • PJ5a1PJ5a1 Posts: 209
    Got Made In America open to trades. Anything from MSG/Camden 2000/ Hartford 2010/boston 2006/Wrigley
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  • pea64pea64 IndianaPosts: 207
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  • Ellroy80Ellroy80 Posts: 136
    Got a Cleveland 06. Open to trades. PM me if you wanna swap.
  • jason_94jason_94 Toledo, OHPosts: 1,872
    So, I heard the truck pull up & walked briskly to the door. After he handed me my tube I unrolled it right away.

    I got some Gangster clown with a gun from 2000 in Chicago. Not sure if I'll do anything with it.

    Ok. I couldn't even go through with that joke. I couldn't do that to everyone. Lol

    No major trade bait or anything I was really hoping for for me here but this one will be most likely be going on a wall.

    I got the BK 2006 Barcelona, Lisbon, & Madrid poster.

    What makes this worth putting on a wall is that my 9 year old daughter absolutely loves sharks (& PJ too). Specifically Great Whites, but all sharks none the less. She was so excited when I showed her. The only thing that would have topped this would be a '96 London or Ft Lauderdale. Lol

    So, I guess I got the perfect poster. I have no idea how SLH knew that!

    That was a lot of fun. Like many already said....... Can we do this again!
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  • lolobugglolobugg BLUE RDGE MTNSPosts: 7,848
    Just got home. Got the Euro 2006 eyeball. Not bad but i only want posters from shows I went to
    So I am Open for trades...
    Looking for Atlanta 2012
    Columbia 2008
    Or Raleigh 2003

    Just throwing it out there

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  • PJ5a1PJ5a1 Posts: 209
    yooperpj said:

    In the same boat Derbydave.
    Got the Crackerjack here in Canton but already have it framed.
    Hopefully I can trade for something I need.

    photo 20140725_165636_zpsmeqeydkv.jpg

    photo 20140502_162055_resized_zps0e50a931.jpg

    Want to trade? I got made in America today
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  • jlaustinjlaustin Ann Arbor, MIPosts: 2,352
    Husband got NYC 08 and I got Hawaii 06 - me likey! :-bd
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    2014 Cincy, Detroit, Moline, & Milwaukee
    2015 Central Park
    2016 Lexington, Ottawa, Toronto 1 & 2, and...?

  • mkiley77mkiley77 Posts: 3
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    Wrigley Ames for me. I was at the show and already have the Munk One framed on the wall. The Ames will make a nice companion. Will consider trading for a Cracker Jack though if someone really wants the Ames instead.
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