Dear Pearl Jam:

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I have listened to almost all of the boots from the recent US leg of shows. While I think you are playing at a level that is miles above the other music out there, and certainly some of the best shows of your career, I can't help but think you need a warm up gig (or 2) before you embark on your European trek.....if only to ensure that you remain at top level and not have the month's break set you back in quality.

I think you should make a stop in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Frankly, you are likely to fly over our little spot anyways. Why not take off from here? And hey...if your concern is getting your equipment over to Europe in time..send it along..I am sure we can muster up some stuff for you to use here.

Just looking out for you....

Yours truly

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  • Ed can borrow my Hiwatt if he wants ;) Do it guys, stop in Halifax on your way over to Europe....

  • Well we are conveniently located directly on route with Europe...I think Pearl Jam would raise the roof again. it would give them a nice send off before they embark on a incredible european tour...
    yeah Halifax would rock. Pearl Jam is yer listening...we'd be ready for ya
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    Great idea. Before they finally play Europe, they need a way to shake off the cobwebs after not playing for a month. What's a better way than to play a show in the most convenient of locations?

    Besides, I'm sure Ed's craving some more Keith's.
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    Hell if they're going to Halifax, why not stop off in Winnipeg for 2 or 3 shows in a row. A city of about 650,000 people needs at least two shows
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  • Pearl Jam,

    If you want, I'd like to see you guys at MSG...BUT...I think the people in the Canada area need a show more so than we do. I would most likely drive all the way up, I'll bring all MY guitar gear and you guys can use that along with others.

    - Halifax 2005 was a really good show! I enjoyed listening to it! :D
    - I think it would be awsome if PJ did a small show with only using their fan's guitar gear, but they can't pick the gear. Such as someone who has a Hiwatt compared to someone who has a shitty solid-state crate.
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    ahh, sward...thanks for taking up the cause again. the other thread seems to be turning into something completely different.

    i tip my hat and raise a glass in your honour, and to the band.

    come the fuck back...please! ;)
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