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I bought two packs of cards at the show, both are now opened. I have a few cards that I want to keep just because I like them, not necessarily the value. The rest I am interested in selling off for what I can get in order to fund some poster framing. Is there any resource like EB where I could get an idea of current values of cards? I've tried looking some up on auction sites, but to go card by card would seem too time consuming. If you are a trader or collector with knowledge, I'd appreciate any direction you might be able to provide! Please don't ask for a list of my cards if you are just mining. I will provide a list though, if you are willing to help me approximate the collection value and help me identify any that might just be worth selling individually.

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    I don't think there is any one resource for prices as there isn't a numbered system for them and not a large sample size. At first they were all being bought up quickly as many people had some packs and wanted to collect the set but now it's more dependent on what people need to complete their set and how much time/effort they are currently putting in. I've seen the same card go for $2 and then a few weeks later $40 and weeks later no one wants it (sitting at $5).

    That said, it seems that Webb and the "Bat Cards" are the most wanted. I haven't seen a lot of "action" on the forum/ebay with them recently so a lot of people are probably holding pat until they can get the ones they need for a decent price. Most people would probably rather trade then buy to be honest...
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