Framing Posters with Ticket Stubs

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I'm in the process of framing all of my tour posters and would like to frame the ticket stubs with them as well. Was wondering if anyone had issues with the ticket stub bleeding onto the poster (as I don't think the ticket is printed on archival paper)? Would appreciate any opinions or observations folks might have. Thanks!
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    The ones I have framed together end up being far apart. The tickets are matted in a different area than the poster, so shouldn't be an issue. DerbyDave is the master, though, so you could ask him!
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  • Just get it framed on a different part of the matting. The ink can fade on the tickets. This happens when it is displayed in an area with a lot of sun.
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    I think framing the ticket with the poster looks great IF it the ticket is matted. Just my opinion, but I don't care for the print jobs I have seen in which the ticket is just placed over the poster or just laying flat on the mat
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    n the ones I had done the ticket and the poster are on different part of the matting. If I were a little smarter I would post some pics but there are plenty of examples in the one poster thread.
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