Riot Act is hugely underrated



  • brianluxbrianlux Moving through All Kinds of Terrain.Posts: 28,553
    One thing that would make Riot Act even better for me would be to reissue it on vinyl. I've played the CD a million times but I haven't heard it on vinyl so I cannot say I've truly, fully heard this great record.
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    If you think that's living, you are
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    -Juliana Hatfield

  • Cropduster is amazing. My favorite off the album.
  • wvueers1wvueers1 Phoenix, AZPosts: 61
    Just posting again in support of Riot Act. I think it is a brilliant album.
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  • halvhalv Posts: 514
    With all the positive comments about Cropduster I threw on the vinyl and played it a few times today. Realized that I like the song more than I thought, I just don't like it's placement on the album. Maybe it's because Ghost is right after and I find it has a similar tempo.
  • i_lov_iti_lov_it Perth, Western AustraliaPosts: 3,932
    Yeah went and bought this Album the day after it came out and couldn't really get into it at first then I saw Pearl Jam here in Perth in 2003 then after hearing other Live Boots through out 2003 come Mid Year I was Hooked :)
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  • Versus13Versus13 Posts: 185
    Love this album. My favourites are Save You, Can't Keep and Thumbing My Way. I have been listening to their State College, PA 5-3-03 and it's phenomenal! This album is definitely underrated.
  • BrainofBGABrainofBGA AustraliaPosts: 2,359
    It would be interesting to see how people would re-track the album If they were to do it differently. It's a good record and I think I appreciate it more recently than I did a year or two ago. I feel Ed's voice / vocals aren't quite right to me!? Just my opinion.
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  • brianluxbrianlux Moving through All Kinds of Terrain.Posts: 28,553
    Of the many things I really like about Riot Act one of the more interesting aspects is that the lyrics often make nature-related, earthy, rooted, organic and atmospheric references:

    All this life
    Like an ocean
    In disguise

    earthquakes making waves

    Light green to green, dark green, brown..
    Every life is falling down
    Brown to black, it's coming back
    Dies to be part of the ground
    Seed to seedling, root to stem

    Swallowing seeds on the deathbed,...
    Dig a hole in,... the garden

    The moon is rolling round the world

    A place in the clouds

    There's east and there's west and there everywhere life

    The ocean is full cause everyone's crying,
    The full moon is looking for friends at high tide.

    No matter how cold the winter, there's a springtime ahead

    Sometimes I burn like a dot on the sun.

    I am the shore
    But you're the sea.

    I'm searching the haystacks, water is sunshine

    And like weeds,.. with big leaves
    Stealing light from what's beneath

    Shell of the man from the sea

    Climbing on a mountain
    Floating out on the sea

    Whispering that life
    Existed long before breed
    Balancing the world
    On it's knee
    "Hate your job, love your stuff
    If you think that's living, you are
    Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong"
    -Juliana Hatfield

  • This was the album that introduced me to Pearl Jam. Saw my first Pearl Jam concert in Feb 2003 (Sydney) and haven't looked back...

    Can't go past I am Mine.
  • H.ChinaskiH.Chinaski Brooklyn, NYPosts: 1,484
    Riot Act is probably my 3rd favorite PJ album!
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