Please pray for us.. Good vibes needed.

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So as you know, my Dad has been battling a very unique form if Pancreatic Cancer for the last 8 yrs.. Well because these rumors are so unique, they cause the organs they are attached to, to atrophy. Well so far, he has hf a liver left, one kidney, 1/3 of his intestines.. But the rest is atrophied. So he has to have predigested food introduced to the intestinal tract, since the stomach is basically dead. This requires that every six months the feeding tube be replaced with a fresh, sterile one. Well he went last week to Denver to do this, and somehow they figured our, that his stomach has been decaying inside him, so he went for emergency surgery to have that and half his liver removed. He caught a nasty septic infection... So now he's been in the ICU for the last four days.. Three days ago, my Grandpa whom suffers from Parkinson's fell on Ice, and broke his collar bone. He now has a marrow infection.. And is also in the ICU.. Three rooms down from my Dad. So my poor Stepmom is running back and forth between her father and her husband.. We're all taking shifts sitting with them, and trying to be there for both if them, and maintain our jobs.. It's been very difficult.. Please keep my family in your hearts and thoughts.. We sure need the support.

I haven't left the hospital in four days... So exhausted... So sad..
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    I am so sorry, Tree :( Hang in there! Best of luck and lots of love and good vibes to your family in these hard times.
  • Sending prayers to you and your family.
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    thoughts & prayers are with you & your family!!!!
  • If you ever want to share a happy story about each I'd more more than interested in reading. either way prays to you guys.
  • Sendin positive energy for you!!! Just lost my father this august!
  • electronblueelectronblue FloridaPosts: 3,428
    prayers will be sent..
    my best to you.
    I need your healing..
    I need to feel what you're feeling..
    I need to ride the wave ~
    I need for you to save me, now..


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    I truly feel your pain.

    Lost my father to cancer 4 years ago. :(

    Good vibes x100 are being sent to you and your family
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    Big hug and sending patience and peace to you and your family. Hang in there.
    Thank you fellow 10 clubber for saving my ass....again!!!
  • Prayers and love to all xo
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    Putting out good thoughts for you and your family, whispering hands. We're going through something similar with my brother-in-law. He's got some kind of serious infection in his system and has been on a breathing machine for four days. It's been touch and go the whole way- every day is nerve wracking. It's a tough way to spend the holidays.

    I hope hope you're finding time for rest and comfort in family and friends. Best wishes.
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    Tons of prayers coming your way for you and your family.
  • whispering handswhispering hands Under your skinPosts: 13,527
    Thank you all.. Dad woke up today.. But he is not cognitive.. Nothing he says makes sense.. But at least he's awake.. No matter how prepared you are.. You're never prepared..
  • hey sister,
    you know I got your back. thoughts, prayers to you and Melissa. mr. Trees dad? one last rodeo huh?
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    im so sorry..much love girl..
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    Sending best wishes your way.
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    I am so sorry to hear this. Sending positive energy your way for you and your family.
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    So sorry to read about this, sending you good vibes to your family....
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    sad stuff. i am sorry about all of it. ice & falling is just terrible. when we are kids we slide around on ice & even hit the ground running & it's no big deal. no thank you from here.

    i am thinking positive thoughts for your family, you & everyone involved.

    cancer sure as heck is a terrible little shithead. mom is going through her 3rd battle with cancer.

    love love love & more love makes the world go 'round
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  • Dear Tree...

    I'm so sorry my friend. I am sending you all the positive energy, mojo, thoughts and prayers your way! We here in this community will be here for you in any and every way we can.!!

    BIG ((((HUG))))

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    Thinking of you and your family.
    ADD 5,200 to the post count you see, thank you. :)
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    So sorry to hear this. Prayers to you and your family.
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  • hedonisthedonist standing on the edge of foreverPosts: 21,374
    From here, too.
  • Sorry you are going through this. Be strong. All the best to you and your family.
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  • chadwickchadwick up my assPosts: 21,157
    difficult times like this & christmas time at the hospital visiting family
    as children we had christmas a time or two at the hospital when dad wasn't doing well

    powerful stuff
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  • PearlOfAGirlPearlOfAGirl Posts: 15,993
    So sorry to hear about your dad and grandfather... :cry:

    Last year at this time my dad was going between the emergency room, and the nursing home. He had quadruple bypass surgery 12 years prior, and also had diabetes. He had fallen, and broken his collarbone. The doctor's couldn't even do surgery, because his heart was so damaged, and he passed away right before our eyes. Seeing and hearing my dad take his last breath was the hardest thing any of us have been through...

    May God bless you, and your family in these days ahead...

    Sending (((prayers, strength, and good vibes))) to you and your family... again, I'm "so sorry"... :cry: It's amazing how much strength that's inside of you, during times like this...

    Wish you were here...

    ~RIP Dad
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    Thoughts and wishes . . .
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    your prayers and vibes have helped me through human and doggie cancers. I hope my vibes and thought can somehow help you. when you're going thru hell, you have to keep going….

    hang in there. :cry:
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    Continued good wishes for you and your family.
  • shetellsherselfshetellsherself New JerseyPosts: 8,623
    Hey tree... So sorry to hear about this. My prayers are offered for you and your family
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    Again thank you all so much.. So far Dad is now awake and finally speaking sentences that make sense. They think he'll be able to go up to a regular floor Christmas Day. He is so mad that he's " fucking up" our Holliday!! Lmao so my dad!! We're just happy he's pulling through this! Grandpa is still struggling, but he's 91 too! His fever has broken, but they're keeping him in a medical coma, because he wouldn't be still. So at least everything is starting to look up! Thank you all so much for your support. P.S. I finally got to go to sleep today.. I slept all day.. Just barely made it to work on time!
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