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has anybody seen this. someone said i could get it off amazon. is it any good? also what about hear no evil . . just wonderin if anybody has seen these & if they're any good. thanx.
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  • I read some of the reviews about it on Amazon and opted not to get it.
  • yes I have it.

    I have had it for some time now and first watched it last week in leu of going to the Calgary show. I had to miss the concert because of the blizzard conditions (I live in Edmonton) and wanted to ensure that my family and I would make it to the Vancouver show. Since we could not make it to Calgary, I decided to have a Pearl Jam night at my place so we watched "Long Strange Road" and "PJ20". It was very good idea because my mother (57yrs) had heard alot of PJ songs and knew a large part of the catalog through me but did not know their history as well as the rest of us (Faithful). One thing I liked about LSR was the interviews of the people who covered the early PJ/Seattle sound era as opposed to friends, bandmates, etc. They also covered alot of the history of not only PJ, Nirvana, AIC and such, but the music scene as a whole, which was a great perspective. In my personal opinion, I'd say it is a must own for any PJ and/or "Seattle Sound" fan. Playing PJ20 and LSR together makes for a great documentary.

    After the concert in Van, My mom said that watching the documentaries prior to going to her first PJ show made it that much better for her and now she wants to go to every PJ show with me. I'd say she is now offically a fan. 8-)
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