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    If they were "real fans," they would've secured their 10C tickets to the shows and got the goodies for FREE. I say gouge the buyers to death. F-ing posers! :lol:

    :lol: :lol: :clap: :lol: :lol:
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    good luck on the sale! :) i wish you the best of luck

    my apologies for my outspokenness :fp:
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    tinz. wrote:
    good luck on the sale! :) i wish you the best of luck

    my apologies for my outspokenness :fp:

    Thats very nice! :D
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    tinz. wrote:
    good luck on the sale! :) i wish you the best of luck

    my apologies for my outspokenness :fp:

    I appreciate this and the PM. Thanks tinz. :)
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  • I really tried to stay out of this one. but this is a perfect example of how shitty Lost Dogs has gotten. A guy puts something up for sale at a decent price and he gets railed for it.

    He's not "flipping" (as I've been accused of by tinz) and to make matters worse, the guy that lowballed his price is going to come out as a good guy. You can't honestly talk about a "community" or even worse "brotherhood" with those type of tactics.

    I understand the frustration from people in regards to what insane prices some of these things are going for, but attacking a member is misplaced hostility. Lost Dogs used to be a place where I could find a Fan Club single, or poster from a trusted source and (hopefully) not have to battle a million bids on ebay.

    For that convenience, I don't mind paying more than it was sold for 5 years ago! The people looking for handouts and posters at cost are making this place a high school lunch room and if you've noticed certain things have dried up around here.

    Obviously some ACTUAL fans that attended PJ20 have chosen to sell the Vault #1 cd on ebay instead of here and that should tell you something.

    Best of luck with your sale. You have to sidestep the "Lost Dog Police" every now and then, but I'm sure someone will take it off your hands.
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    I think this whole thread is rediculous.

    If someone wants to post something for sale/trade, it is up to them as to what they want in return.

    The market will determine whether or not they are off base with thier request.

    This bullshit is exactly why some people go to eBay and the anonymity that it provides.

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    I can't believe how much flak you've gotten over this, derailing, people jumping in your thread and trying to sell it for less, it's very unlike the pj community. Especially over what they perceive as overpriced.

    If you don't like the price move along, no need to call out someone trying to sell something, jeez.

    I hope you sell this for what you're asking for. It's a very sought after cd, I want one but can't afford it right now...

    Anyway, don't get involved in all the arguments and trolls. Just consider them all FREE BUMPS!!!

    Good Luck!
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  • vant0037 wrote:
    tinz. wrote:
    $140 for a fucking cd. I gave mine away but I can send anyone the mp3's if you want this and want to save $140.

    no kidding lol, its a cd! :lol: good luck

    How much are these selling for?


    Edit: I'm just trying to help out somebody else who, may want this recording, but cannot afford the asking price.
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