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    cutback, are you talking about the sunday show? if so, can you tell us what PJ played???

    go see my setlist thread if u wanna know what was played.
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    Sorry, sorry - I wasn't clear. I was talking about Saturday. Didn't mean to panick anyone. Perhaps it's the lack of sleep. Hmmmmmm. Good night all.
  • OMG! My friends and I drove up on Saturday at the last minute. Got there around 7:30 and there were no tickets to be found. Until one nice guy who was leaving and he gave me an extra lawn ticket for free!! My two friends talked their way in past the gate. Drove almost 6 hours and got in by pure luck. It was awesome. Eddie was looking as handsome as usual. And it was a great little setlist. Nice warm up for Hawaii.
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  • just curious can u point me in the direction of a time recently when the chemistry wasnt good...

    No Shit great point!
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  • I honestly think this was the best Bridge School weekend I've ever seen. This was my 5th Bridge show since 99 and I think this one had the best vibe. 1999 was probably just as great but it's hard to remember every detail from 7 years ago. The whole weekend started out on a unique note. When we were walking in on Saturday there was a bus stopped along the road in traffic. Sure enough Dave Grohl was sitting up front with the driver. I gave him a smile and a thumbs up and he seen us and smiled and waved back. As for the show. Trent Reznor sounded great for having barely practiced with the group of musicians he played with. I was hoping for a few different songs on Sunday but I'm sure they barely had down the few they played. Death Cab was a lot better on Sunday. More relaxed and a better overall perfomance. The Foo Fighters were great as I knew they would be. Having seen them do the acoustic thing in Berkeley back in July I was thrilled to get to see it again. I'm really hoping they don't ditch this route forever. I've seen the 5 times and the acoustic shows blow the others away. Brian Wilson was what you would expect. Great sing along tunes and a perfect artist to mix things up this year. PJ was solid Saturday night but on Sunday they were tremendous. Best version of Black I've ever seen in person. Even Neil was amazed. When he came out for "Throw Your Hatred Down" he said something like how great the previous song was and how he couldn't focus on the next song. DMB was great on Sunday. I'm not a huge fan and they slightly bored me on Saturday. But on Sunday they were tremendous. "Down By The River" with Neil was great as was "Cortez" on Saturday. Neil was also better on Sunday. He broke out "Old Man" which he didn't play on Saturday. The finale was also the best I've ever seen at Bridge. Especially on Sunday when Ed got an entire verse to himself. All in all I don't think I've ever seen a better weekend at the Bridge. Hopefully this thing keeps rolling and in a few years we'll have a great 25th anniversary show to talk about.
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    Only did night 2, but here's local paper's review of first night:

    [sic] happens
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    that was a MUCH nicer review than the one in the San Jose Mercury News.......

    thanks for posting...
  • At 3:00 PM Saturday, my friend called and bailed on me for the Bridge School concert. I bought the $75 +13.50 seats... I understood - she had a child care delimma yet I was devastated... I contemplated staying home.. however the thought of missing so many great bands and of course Pearl Jam made me reconsider... I drove 45 minutes to the Shoreline.. of course I missed all traffic, etc... I thought my night would be boring and lonely... however...

    Saturday Night was my BEST Concert (especially Bridge School) experience ever..luck was truly on my side....as I drove in the parking lot at 8:35 PM I asked a couple who was playing... they told me Foo Fighters... I was mad at myself for getting there late and missing most of the Foo Fighters.. my luck quickly turned around...

    these amazing people who were leaving the show handed me their SECOND Row seats!!! Row BB right in front... two peole in front of me and then the stage...

    I have never had such incredible seats at Shoreline and hardly ever for Pearl Jam... I was in a daze of incredible amazment... (I tried to buy close tickets but they were selling for $1250 and up - YIKES ... )

    thinking my night could not get better...the next thing - I know the head bouncer moves me to FRONT ROW center... Dave Mathews and Neil Young were amazing as well as the group performance of WITFW...
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  • Wow.
    Just got back home after a long day in transit, but it was worth every early departure and full flight.
    The Pearl Jam sets were amazing and Trent Reznor's sets were brilliant. Besides PJ, he was the standout - acoustic, stripped bare, raw, pure emotion and intensity. I want every song.
    The view night one - amazing :D (Shout out K!), and night two was killer :eek: (thank you big man!).

    Many thanks to everyone.
    You all rock and it was great seeing you again! :D
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    so now Im waiting for a torrent so we can see this!
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  • Some thoughts now that my head has stopped spinning....

    Has anyone mentioned Neil joining Gillian Welch at the end of her doing Neil,s "Country Girl." Really moving.

    Dave Grohl has come a long way from banging on his acoustic guitar, to putting together a fantastic set with 8 musicians. Though its not pure Foo Fighters, it was compelling music.

    Trent Reznor's intensely moving set.

    Neil joining DMB for Cortez the Killer, night 1.Amazing and awesome. DMB music may not be for everyone, but you can,t deny the musicianship.

    Neil opening day 2, with Peg, including Comes a Time, truely a genius.

    Night 1 was alittle off, but night 2 was incredible. Black ( Neils comment he "still couldn't believe that last tune"), Lukin, Betterman, Throw your hatred down, Thin Air. Short but powerful. The rich tone of Eddies voice against the acoustic touch of Jeff and Stone, punctuated by Mike's genius and Matt Fucking Cameron is why we travel hundeds if not thousands of miles to be there when its happenning. I can't help it.
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    nice clip.. does anyone know if its d/lable via torrents yet? thanks.. or if anyone has a video clip of throw your hatred down or black... ta.
    I'm just flying around the other side of the world to say I love you

    Sha la la la i'm in love with a jersey girl

    I love you forever and forever :)

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    there are also clips of trent reznor's performance, if anybody cared.
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  • ed's hilarious. the chicago "improv" comes from this old drinking song, obviously he changed it up a bit.


    any ruggers should know this...
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