THANK YOU Don Smith!!!

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First let me say, this place is ckock'oblock FULL
Off incredible people!! But I have to give a mention
to someone who went wayyyy beyond the norm!
I had read a post about shocking things Ed says... I made
Mention that I'd now have to locate a particular boot
In order to be able to hear a certain quote.
This guy offered to send me said boot. I asked what he
Wanted for it.. No request.. Instead he sent me copies of
THATboot, plus two others! Thank you so much!! I've been
driving around listening to them all the last two days, totally
Getting amped for Wrigley!! Thank you again Don Smith!!

The first rule of the ten club fight club is you don't talk about the ten club fight club!
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    :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
    Yay Don & happy listening hands!! :D
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    good stuff
  • SD48277SD48277 Woodstock, NYPosts: 12,192
    He's the best. :D
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    I second this! don smith also was kind enough to share some boots with me some time back. Awesome generous guy! This place is full of them I'm coming to realize.
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    went wayyyy beyond the norm!
    Kudos!...but I must correct you...NOTHING gets past the NORM! ;)
  • red mosred mos Posts: 4,953
    the pj community is awesome like that. :D Great people here. 8-)
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    Very nice!!
    "Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
  • the wolfthe wolf Posts: 7,023
    Very cool and good for you for letting people know.
    I've had quite a few people send me boots and DVD boots just because they heard me mention I'd like to hear or see something.
    Tons of cool people round these parts.
    Peace, Love.

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    :thumbup: :clap: :thumbup: :clap: :thumbup: :clap:
    Seen the Best Rock Band on the Planet a few times here and there.
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    You know... I've been on and off these boards since it
    Wasthe Synergy pit in 1995, and after 18 years or so, you would think that
    Remember!! But it still manages to amaze me!! I have
    Watched this place grow... I watched people come, go
    And gotten to know the ones that have stayed. It is
    Truly an amazing, and wonderful place! I sure am glad
    that I stayed!!

    The first rule of the ten club fight club is you don't talk about the ten club fight club!
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