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Hello again everybody! It's been a while since I've been here but it's nice to be back :) So let's get right down to business, I got shut out of the Wrigley pre-sale and am in desperate search of GA tickets. I'm bringing a friend to her first ever PJ show and I need two seats that will be together (highly unlikely somebody could offer up and 10c reserved seats that are together). I'm not rich, I don't have a lot of money so I can't match some offers for GA tix that others are making. However, what I can offer up to you is the thought that you will be helping out possibly 1000s of other people as well! Just like PJ20, I will live stream the concert from my phone, letting the many many people who cannot attend get a glimpse of the show. So this is my plea...if anybody can offer up any GA tickets PLEASE PM me!!!

PS: to anybody who thinks that streaming will kill any vibe with the people around me/ruin the show for me, you are wrong. I will not be looking at my phone at all besides brief checks to ensure it's connected.
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    This is kind of unrelated, but your post made me remember, EarthCam on Facebook was streaming the Wrigley Show with Bruce and Eddie. Sound was only fair, but it was better than nothing. So if anyone gets desperate, look for them on Facebook, maybe they will do it again??
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