First snowfall of the year poster give-away Winner



  • exaggerated on local news stations
  • ten2o3ten2o3 Wausau, WIPosts: 225
    ...depressing. Bring back summer!
    9/3/11 PJ20 Alpine Valley
    9/4/11 PJ20 Alpine Valley
    10/19/14 St. Paul
    10/20/14 Milwaukee (Yield in full!!!)
  • Released1980Released1980 Posts: 1,790
    Refreshing, and great for the beer on the porch. :D
    "It's so nice to hear that in other parts of the world, the stress- borne from envy- that one finds for themselves is the animosity they develop towards a person selling a box of records. How fortunate!" ~ Thirty Bills Unpaid

  • kasedougkasedoug The Golden StatePosts: 2,635
    snow?! What's snow?

    (Southern CA native. I have been to the snow a couple times but it's not something I count the change of seasons (or here, lack of change) on.)
  • Mike_McQMike_McQ Posts: 105
    "Harry, your hands are freezing..."
  • eddieceddiec Posts: 3,070
    ...time to move back to Breck! (I wish)
  • Symbolic
    1998: Alpine 2000: Auburn Hills, Alpine (Ice Bowl) 2003: Cleveland, Alpine
    2007: Lolla 2009: Chicago (1&2) 2011: PJ20 Alpine (1&2) 2012: Missoula
    2013: Wrigley, Dallas, OKC, Seattle
    2014: Cincinnati, Tulsa, Lincoln, Detroit, Moline, St. Paul, Milwaukee, Denver
  • KathiKathi Posts: 1,826
    ...trying to taunt me when the slopes only open in early december. miss my skis.
  • silver39silver39 Columbus, OhioPosts: 1,332
    depressing...bring back the heat!
    "I'll ride the wave,Where it takes me, I'll hold the pain, Release me"
    "I'm not about to give thanks or appologize"
    "Caught a bolt of lighting, cursed the day he let it go"
  • close to falling in the midwest.
  • DocHinchyDocHinchy Posts: 125
    Awesome. Winterize the boat and pull the ski doo out. thx
  • The first snowfall is so...........?
    Much fun to write my name in............don't eat the yellow snow.
    Thanks for the chance.
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  • rattzeyrattzey Posts: 816
    Thanks everybody
    Walkin on a slippery sidewalk listening to P.J
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