I can't believe I waited so long to see.......

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Radiohead. I have listed to and loved those guys for years but never saw them in concert until a few weeks ago. I have to say they put on one HELL of a live show and Thom Yorke's voice is every bit as good live as on the records. In Rainbows and King of Limbs came across amazingly.
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    I have only really started to get into Radiohead this year. That being said, I wish I'd taken notice of them earlier. I think they're the most exciting, innovative band on the planet right now. Seeing them live in November should save what has been a very ordinary year for me. All their albums are great as they are each so different from one another, not one dud amongst them. Incredible band, continually coming up with amazingly creative music and great live shows.
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    woowoo november 12!!!!!! cant friggin' wait. itll be the first time ive seen radiohead...actually itll be the first opportunity ive had really. these guys are my holy grail band so i dont know what im gonna do after the 12/11/12. probably weep into my wine. :lol:
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    I really loved them, and their live shows were always an experience (seen them twice, once in Verona at the Arena and once in Ferrara on the town square), but I just couldn't get into the last two records. Not my kind of music anymore.
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    For me its Pearl Jam, Radiohead, MMJ..... then everything else.

    Radiohead is probably the best band at releasing great records but then also being able to perform live. Seen them 4 times now which is not enough!
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