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Spare tickets Euro tour 2012?



  • pjberlinpjberlin Posts: 16
    i have 2 spare tickets (illness) for pearl jam first night manchester (20th) - offers to <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e -->

  • ***STOCKHOLM***

    I have 2 spare tickets for Stockholm show. They are seated in section C9, row 7, seats 4, 5. I'd be glad to give them for a face value (Total 740 SEK ~ 82 EUR ) as we are unable to attend because of cousin's wedding (Hope Prague show will compensate it well ;)).
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  • Have a spare 10c ticket for Copenhagen and 2 for Stockholm, pm if interested
  • ronyrony Posts: 212
    edited June 2012
    1 spare for Amsterdam 2 with wristband and one spare 10c for Berlin 2 pm me if interested.

    Edit: Amsterdam currently taken but Berlin still available.
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  • melkiemelkie Posts: 4
    Hey Pearl Jammers,

    I have a spare 10c ticket (standing, early entry, wristband) for the second show in Berlin (5 July).

    I would like to give pleasure to a real fan ... - face value, of course.

    Please PM, if you are interested.

  • eddieceddiec Posts: 3,324
    I have 1 spare ticket, seated, for Prague. It's a great seat in section 102.
  • branscopbranscop Posts: 1,162
    10c pair to Berlin 2 with early entry wristbands for me if interested
  • Hi all,
    Going to both Manchester shows and Isle of Wight so decided money isn't going to stretch to Stockholm as well, especially with three Ed shows coming up!!

    I have 2 spare tickets for Stockholm show. They are seated in section as follows,
    ENTRE 2 LÄKTARE B SEKTION B6, Row 14, Seat 69 (Ordinarie)
    ENTRE 2 LÄKTARE B SEKTION B6, Row 14, Seat 68 (Ordinarie)

    No interest in making a profit, just want them to go to a fan, they cost 1000 kr(about £100ish), but make me an offer.
    The tickets are PDF e-tickets so can be emailed straight away,

    PM me

  • guptaanujguptaanuj Posts: 83
    edited July 2012
    I have 5 extra tickets for Manchester - 21/06

    Block: 104
    Row: F
    Seats: 13-17
    Type: Regular (not Ten Club)

    They were bought for friends coming from India, who have been unable to make it.

    Selling for cost price - 54 pounds per ticket, as purchased on Ticketmaster

    Please email --- if you'd like to buy them! (as I'm traveling and won't be able to check the forum very often)

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  • Junior ZBJunior ZB Posts: 57

    Still looking for a ticket to Oslo and Stockolm.
    Thank you!
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  • Jaymz82Jaymz82 Posts: 24
    Got two PJ Amsterdam 26th of june hardcopytickets for sale. Facevalue ofcourse! (61 euros per ticket)
    They're North entrance, 2nd ring, section 207, row 10, seats 224&225.
    Contact me if you want 'em or know someone that does!
  • GodotGodot Posts: 37
    have 2 10c standing tickets for AMS 27 June, with early entry wrist bands. Face value.
    We'll only make it to night one in AMS (2nd ring sitting), then it is off to our honeymoon, so.... would be good to make someone else happy with the front row tickets :D

  • I have 2 standing tickets for the 2nd Manchester show on June 21st - wish to swap them for decent seated tickets please?
  • Still have one spare for Stockholm: B26, Row 8, Seat 48, face value. PM me if you're interested!
  • GilbertoGilberto Posts: 26
    Hey guys, I've now got 2 tickets going spare for Wednesday night in Manchester. Only looking for face value for each, they're seated tickets in Row A of the Upper Tier and would rather be able to give them to a fellow 10C member than someone that won't appreciate the night as much. Feel free to PM me for more details and we can arrange to meet up to pass them over Wednesday before the show.

  • Have one seated Amsterdam night one to sell. Block 112, row 14, seat 410. Have one standing Copenhagen as well.
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  • alesekalesek Posts: 807
    Got 2 seated tickets for Amsterdam night 1 to go - Sector 108 - row 11.

    Two friends cant make it with us ...
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  • rabrab Posts: 81
    i have one spare tenclub ticket left for prague
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  • gordokgordok Posts: 8
    Hey folks,

    I don't get to post that often on here, but something has come up that means I can't make it to Manchester now for the gig on Wednesday night (20th). I have 2 fanclub standing tickets, but obviously wouldn't be able to pick up the wristbands - is anyone interested in taking them off my hands at face value? I can get them in the post with delivery guaranteed by 1pm on Wednesday.

    Let me know,

  • My sister and me are travelling together, everything's booked etc, but


    is still missing... please help? On Viagogo I'd have to pay over 200 €. :(
  • Hi all,

    I've got 2 GA standing tickets with early entry wristbands for Berlin on the 5th.

    Anyone wanna swap for 2 seated tickets? must be together?

    PM me.
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  • ChrysophylaxChrysophylax Copenhagen, DenmarkPosts: 97
    A little late in the game, but here goes:

    I am looking for 3 standing tickets to 1st Amsterdam show - ie. the 26th. Fingers crossed ;)
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  • monitormonitor Posts: 2
    Sadly I won't be able to go to Stockholm on the 7th of July.
    Is anyone intereseted in buying two seating tickets?

    mail me at <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e -->
  • CloggyCloggy Posts: 47
    Hi all,
    a friend of mine cancelled on me and now I have one ticket left for night 2 in Amsterdam.
    It's second row, section 210, row 12.
    Not the best seats in the house, I admit, but let's face it: you'll have a great night regardless....

    PM me if you're interested,
  • IGotShit76IGotShit76 Posts: 768

    A friend of mine is selling his spare 10c ticket for Berlin 2 (+ early entry wristband). Face value.
    PM me if interested.

  • Looking for 1 EV ticket for Manchester 28/07 if anyone has a spare?
  • WookieeWookiee Posts: 3
    Looking for: 2 tickets of any kind for either of 2 Berlin shows and 2 standing tickets for Prague show. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Budapest 11/17/1996, Ljubljana 6/19/2000, Zagreb 9/26/2006
  • SnakerenSnakeren DenmarkPosts: 15
    edited June 2012
    I have 3 GA tickets for the Copenhagen show. They are purchased from the general sale.
    Let me know if you are interested, I prefer to sell to a tenclubber :-)
    Note the price for CPH show is higher than other shows in EU, €92 per ticket, which is face value of cause.

    email me <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e -->

    All the best,
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  • Super VedderSuper Vedder Posts: 1,531
    I have one spare ten club standing ticket for Wednesday Manchester, email me at <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e --> for a speedy reply as it goes straight to my phone, i will be in Manchester from around 3.30pm tomorrow, face value £50 of course!
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  • alesekalesek Posts: 807
    rab wrote:
    i have one spare tenclub ticket left for prague

    pm sent .... :o
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