Dr John 'Locked Down', great RSD deal!

frazbafrazba Posts: 601
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Vinyl, CD and immediate download...only $19. A fantastic album and a fantastic deal.
Only cost me 20Euros including shipping to Ireland!!


Just in case you're interested
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  • RYEzupSFRYEzupSF Posts: 6,003
    Thanks!! Totally a sweet deal. I absolutley love Dr. John and have been so stoked for this album.

    (Reading what I just wrote I am having a realization that I am way too California. Case in point- way too)

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  • javis el errantejavis el errante Buenos AiresPosts: 6,112
    can we buy this online? I haven't triggered king creseote yet...
    ... I am not in the business of being liked anymore ...

  • frazbafrazba Posts: 601
    Yes, online Javis, I can't find any mention of it on any RSD list though so don't take the RSD part as gospel.
    You really should get that King Creosote/Jon Hopkins album you know, you won't regret it!!
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