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FT/FS: Tour Stuff, Promo PJ20 DVD and Extras...

juancor70juancor70 Posts: 206
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Hi Everyone,

I have a bunch of stuff I want to trade (or sell, but preferably trade), here's a list with pictures:-


- Peru 2011 South American Tour (Brand new, never worn, size M)



- North America 2003 Tour (Used, very good condition, size M)



Tour Stuff:-

- South American Tour Pins (Buenos Aires, Santiago, Lima) -SOLD


- Official Brahma Promotional Mini-Flag from Lima Concert


- Santiago Poster PINK Variant (Mint condition, bought at the stadium)


- Lima Poster ORANGE Variant (Mint condition, bought at the stadium - was too lazy to take pic)


Collectors Stuff:-

- Live on Ten Legs Super Deluxe Box Set (Sealed Condition, this is a picture of my opened copy)



- PJ20 Argentina Sony Music Promotional DVD (Sealed Condition, this is a picture of my opened copy to reveal promo stamp)



Uploaded with

And now, the want list:-

- Binaural badges
- Avocado badges
- Gone CD single
- Wishlist Japan CD
- EV Zippos (Already bought with 20% IAMBROKE discount!! Thank you 10c)
- EV Tour pins
- Vs/Vitalogy Radio Sampler
- Wishlist CD Single UK Promo Cardsleeve
- Do the Evolution CD Single Promo Cardsleeve
- PJ20 Radio Sampler / Crown of Thorns
- .....

And then the more expensive stuff:

- Soldier Field Vinyl (original press)
- Soldier Field CD (same cover as vinyl)
- Daughter Japan Snap-Pack
- Not for you Japan snap-pack
- PJ20 Deluxe DVD
- SOLAT CD Single Promo
- Rearviewmirror CD Single Promo Cardsleeve
- Got Some German Slimline
- Japan Singles Compilation
- NAIS 12''
- Light Years 12''
- Black CD Single
- Live at the Gorge Soft Plastic Multi-Disc Booklet
- Freak CD Promo
- Give Way CD Promo
- Rarified / Live CD Promo

Again, I prefer trading - but if anyone is really interested in buying these; please PM me.

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  • i'd trade an ed ukele pin, a stone face pin (avocado tour set) and a sticker or two for your SA badges.
    i have a paper here that entitles me to fast track status
  • i'd trade an ed ukele pin, a stone face pin (avocado tour set) and a sticker or two for your SA badges.

    Hi Yield, thanks for the interest - I am after the whole set of avocado pins; it wouldn't make sense for me to break it up.
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    Happy New Years!
  • I might have a spare unopened pack of Avocado pin badges. Let me check.

    EDIT: Am going to PM you now.
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