what song is it?

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Hi all, I heard a pearl jam or Eddie song the other night and cannot figure thr name of it. This is a shot in the dark. The chorus was something to the effect of "they're building x holes...?" It's just ed singing and an electric guitar. Thanks for any info!!
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  • long shot, but it Rise off Into the Wild?

    its not an electric guitar, but its the only one i can think of that's close to your quote with "burning back holes in dark memories"

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    It's not rise for sure, I think its at the end of another song...
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    "It's a wave building, before it breaks" is the last line
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    end of bee girl on lost dogs...

    "so all you fools, you sings just like him...they're using text holes" or something like that.
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    it's the tribute song to Layne Staley (I miss him :cry: ) the song is called 4/20/02
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