Two free passes to PJ20 at the Brattle Theatre

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My wife and I purchased a pair for the 7:30 Show tonight (Sunday). I ended up with a free pair when I purchased the soundtrack (via Newbury Comics). They do not need to be used tonight. They can be used for any showing.

We can meet in front of the theatre tonight. We will be there around 7.
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    Damn! I wanted to go tonight, but there were only 11:00 PM tix left the last time I looked.

    So, I watched it on Pay-Per-View last night...

    It was good. Enjoy!
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  • I had an extra for the 2:30 showing. Saw a mom & her daughter walking away from the box office, obviously bummed. I gave her my extra and so did the guy standing next to me who also had an extra. The look on the mom/daughter's faces made my day.
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