bloodied and bruised

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welcomed rains came accompanied by cacophonous thunder.
lightening cracked open the night sky. the universe... pearls laid at my feet.
and I could not see. a gentle stream of tears rolled down my cheeks.
and you...I saw you in the rain looking up to the heavens.
gods and goddesses coalesced above you in your dark night hours.
i walked out into the tumultuous rains... quiver on my back....bow in hand.
readied myself to fight by your side.
i called upon ocean to stand beside you in all of his glory.
he would protect you...keep you safe.
my beautiful white wolf and his beautiful black mate.
he stood to your left...she to your right.
the dance began and the battle never seemed to cease.
then you upon your knees proclaimed victory.
i watched and waited...for you rise and come to me bloodied and bruised.

i waited, i still wait...i will wait for all eternity, to lick your wounds and be your crutch...
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  • readied myself to fight by your side.

    so damn cool
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    beautiful, tragically beautiful
    Cancel my subscription to the Ressurection
    Send my credentials to the house of detention

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    tremors wrote:
    beautiful, tragically beautiful

    Pepper- I am faith without religion, without bruised knees and pleas for forgiveness...
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