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    Today its Vs

    Nature drunk and High
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    Studio version


    Live version

    No Code (4th on my studio list)
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    thefixer9 wrote:
    CrookedTom wrote:
    JP33 wrote:
    Avacodo here

    I think that might be their worst, it's certainly down there with Riot Act. Feels forced too me, not one "classic" song, and it felt like Pearl Jam trying to sound like Pearl Jam. Army Reserve & Worldwide Suicide were ok - Come Back & Inside Job is the tackiest ending to a PJ album ever.

    However just my opinion - My fave album, tough call probably No Code closely followed by Vitalogy & Vs

    To each his own because I think that Vitalogy is their worst album....

    I was like you at first, didnt have much love for Vitalogy compared to Ten and Vs. A few years from now and I garauntee that album will rise close to the top. Btw, happy bday dude.
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    dwhite76 wrote:
    This is such a hard question to answer. No Code and Yield are always kinda tied for my favorite. I can't really say I like one of those two better over the other. They are both masterpieces. Ten is classic, as is Vs. I love Avocado, Backspacer, Vitalogy. It really depends on the mood I am in. For instance if I am about to work out or something I throw on Vitalogy and Vs, since they are intense albums. But what I must mention is that Riot Act doesn't get much love IMO, and to me; it is a fantastic album! I hadn't played it in a while and recently was re-listening to it and it's just great; but then again; that's why this is the greatest band in the world because I really can't say that there is ONE Pearl Jam song I don't like. They are brilliant song writers and I would kill to have one tenth of the song writing skills that they have.


    The only album you didnt mention is Binaural. :lol:

    Thanks, I don't know how that happened. Binaural is Classic!
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    The correct answer is Ten.

    As much as you all would like to keep your eCred as high as possible by naming other albums, when the most skippable song on an album is Jeremy, you have an absolute masterpiece on your hands.

    Awesome dude. If your thing is reverb, all out angst and booming anthems...Ten is your album.

    It's not about ecred, it's about personal choice. Me? I enjoy the mellow stuff and would take an all acoustic show over a balls to the wall rocker...but then again, maybe I'm old. Different strokes for different folks

    Don't worry Deke, I've got your back. I vote for Ten by a smidgen over Vs, with Vitalogy not far behind. The reverb doesn't bother me - when the songs themselves are awesome that's the most important part. Backspacer is a better "sounding" record than Ten, but it's not 1/1,000th the album Ten is in terms of the songs themselves. I'd take the worst song off Ten over the best song off Backspacer any day of the week.

    An old dude who likes his Pearl Jam loud, angst-ridden, and anthemic

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    TEN :ugeek:
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    Five Against One
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    Very tough question with my answer often changing. Right now it's Vitalogy. Satans Bed!!
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    I would like a thread like this where everyone places PJ's albums from 1-9 in order of favorite to least favorite, and their age next to the list. I am interested in the generational differences.

    here is my order:
    1. Vs.
    2. No Code
    3. Vitalogy
    4. Ten
    5. Yield
    6. Binaural
    7. Self Titled
    8. Riot Act
    9. Backspacer

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    Riot Act
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    1.- NO CODE

    2.- VS / VITALOGY / TEN

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