Wolf Parade Vs. J. Mascis

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Either I got lucky or Sasquatch Festival actually put some thought into schedule times this year.

My only real dilema this year is J. Mascis versus Wold Parade.

Here's the low down -

I've seen Wolf Parade 3 times
I've seen Dinosaur Jr. once
This is Wolf Parade's last show in a long time (possibly ever)
J Mascis just passed through Seattle (which I missed) and probably won't be doing solo/acoustic again anytime soon.
J Mascis is playing a small stage that gets the smallest crowds
Wolf Parade is taking the main stage

Ranks by band
Dino Jr. > Wolf Parade> Mascis Solo...but all within a narrow margin.

Ranks by latest Album
Mascis Solo > Wolf Parade

Someone else process all this and figure out who I should see.
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  • craigbcraigb Posts: 806
    You should see J.

    But I'm a biased die-hard Dinosaur Jr. fan...
    ...and I'm gonna see J. this Friday at the ECHO in LA (it's gonna be sweet).

    Yeah...you should see J. :)
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    Hmmmm... J (Living legend) Mascis or Wolf Parade? I know what stage I'd be at.
    I ain't got no fly'n shoes..

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    That is tough.
    J Solo is kind of cool because he plays "acoustic" with all his effect pedals hooked up and jams out old dino songs.

    I've seen j solo twice now (including recent tour) and j and the fog three times and dinosaur jr twice. So i've seen J a lot....

    Wolf Parade i have not seen :(
    but i really like the band

    That is a tough decision especially if it is wolf parade's last show. I would lean towards J since you have not seen him solo before but if it is their last show that kind of is tough to beat
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