Top 3 White Stripes songs



  • EraserheadEraserhead Stoke-on-TrentPosts: 2,622
    Ball and Biscuit

    The guitar work on this is so good. I wish they'd play a 30 minute version of it!

    Catch-Hell Blues
    Death Letter
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  • nuffingmannuffingman Posts: 3,014
    Because today I've been playing Icky it's

    Little cream Soda
    Rag and bone
    A Martyr for My Love for You

    Tomorrow who knows?
  • Wow great topic.


    1. Hotel Yorba
    2. Black Math
    3. Effect and Cause

    1. Jolene
    2. Stop Breaking Down
    3. Death Letter
  • poorgirl23poorgirl23 Posts: 194
    it's hard to answer that.

    right now i'd say..

    truth doesn't make a noise
    hand springs
    offend in every way

    favorite covers:
    death letter
    party of special things to do
    st james infirmary blues
    Common sense is not so common.
  • Does anyone love Do as much as I do?
    I've got our love to remember
    that will never change
  • poorgirl23poorgirl23 Posts: 194
    Does anyone love Do as much as I do?

    I Do I Do!

    I love every song. I tell ya I was a mess on Feb 2nd. And 3rd. And 4th. I still tear up at times.
    Common sense is not so common.
  • Candy cane girl
    Hardest button to button
    300 mph torrential outpoor bluuuuuues

    Today. As previously stated, theres so many it can change with my mood. Love them, miss them, hope they come back!
  • I'm pretty happy it was tough for some of you I started thinking I was TOO obsessed haha but all these replies are making me listen to them more and more
    The best revenge is to live on and prove yourself - EV

  • Not only that my jack white bromance is growing faster than barry bonds head in like 2002...can't listen to so many songs and not starting to nod my head to them
    The best revenge is to live on and prove yourself - EV

  • SVRDhand13SVRDhand13 NYCPosts: 24,233
    I am a diehard White Stripes fan and its so hard to choose just three, but I tried to (no particular order).

    Truth Doesn't Make A Noise
    Ball and Biscuit
    Little Ghost
    severed hand thirteen

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  • manutd3581 wrote:
    just saw Under Great White Northern Lights on Showtime yesterday, it was pretty good

    How ridiculous is screwdriver? Un fucking real I just thought of that now and edited this haha
    The best revenge is to live on and prove yourself - EV

  • HorosHoros Posts: 4,421
    I Fought Piranha (check out the 'It Might Get Loud' outtake)

    Take, Take, Take

    I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mothers Heart
  • craigbcraigb Posts: 806
    Newch91 wrote:
    I forgot to put White Moon as another honorable mention. That scene in UNGWNL is so moving.

    Seriously. That part escalated my Stripes fandom tenfold. Incredible performance
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  • Brain of mJBrain of mJ Posts: 786
    Hello Operator
    Hand Springs
    The Air Near My Fingers
  • Impossible for me to pick just three.. Off the top of my head..

    Hello Operator
    The Union Forever
    I Can't wait

    Love Sick
    Death Letter
    Look Me Over Closely
  • Hello Operator
    Hand Springs
    The Air Near My Fingers

    Hand Springs is the shit.
    I've got our love to remember
    that will never change
  • red mosred mos Posts: 4,953
    Oh this is gonna be hard.

    I want to be the boy to warm your mother's heart.
    A martyr for my love for you
    Truth doesn't make a noise.
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