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10 Fan Club singles, 98 Yield Soccer Jersey, extras!!!

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hello fellow jammers

I have a few items here that I am (pretty much) ready to part with. this is by no means a fire sale. If they can all find a home to someone I'll let them go.

I have:
(1) 98 Yield Tour Soccer Jersey(yes, yes it's true)(size Large)

The 98 Yield Jersey is in as good condition as you can imagine for its age. It has been worn a handful of times only (mostly to concerts) with no rips/tears/beer spillage/puke/lice. If you look at the picture of the back on the left side you can see a small imperfection. It looks like when they made it they left a hot gun on it a little too long and possibly melted a little plastic. it's not bad.

Here is a previous thread when I sold some vinyls so you know you'll get your items. :D : viewtopic.php?f=5&t=138708

Here are pics of the above items..Please bear with my crappy camera and photography skills. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have.


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  • tigers84tigers84 Greenville, SCPosts: 457
    Jersey size????? Fits like?????
  • tigers84 wrote:
    Jersey size????? Fits like?????
    damn knew I forgot something. Jersey is size L and fits pretty much true to size. I am 5'10" 180 lbs and it fits perhaps a little loose.
  • H.ChinaskiH.Chinaski Brooklyn, NYPosts: 1,562
    i would love to get some of those singles.00,01,03 & 05. what would you like for these?
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  • ahill721ahill721 Posts: 2,071
    Pm sent
  • boyo79boyo79 Warrington, UKPosts: 6,525
    Good luck with your sale, some great items here unfortunately the only item I'm after is the 2001 holiday single i have the rest.

    If you decide to split the collection let me know!
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  • How much for the jersey by itself?
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  • LedbetterdaysLedbetterdays Round Rock, TexasPosts: 496
    How much for the picture?
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  • tigers84tigers84 Greenville, SCPosts: 457
    Goooooo fat for the jersey!! Damn ice cream and capt crunch!!
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    edited out singles as they are gone
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  • EZ1221CEZ1221C Posts: 2,645
  • PM sent
    july 16th, 2006
  • all 10c holiday singles are gone

    Last 98 Yield jersey (in an alternate color) I saw go on ebay for $99

    98 Yield Jersey remains. $75 gets the jersey and the signed picture of Ed.

    first person I complete a deal with gets it.

  • Given to...Given to... WyomingPosts: 4,885
    pm sent
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  • Jersey is sold pending payment later in the week. thanks for all the PM's.
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