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Moving Sale in NYC/Just moved & Posters STILL need new homes

EdwardlizardhandsEdwardlizardhands Posts: 144
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Moving, my posters need new homes. Not trying to flip on here, just would like to recoup some of the cash i spent on them while helping a fellow Jammer with their collection... PM me if you are interested. You pay shipping. Shipping is immediate. If in NYC you can just pick em up. Paypal is preferred. If you are interested in more than one piece I would be willing to negotiate a better price for you.
Thank you!

FRAMED: The Gorge 2006 Klausen (mint) $170

FRAMED: Toronto 2006 Klausen (mint) $160

FRAMED: Champaign 2003 Yellow/Blue (mint) $140

FRAMED: Texas 2003 (mint) $140

FRAMED: State College/Phil/Pitt 2003 Orange AP 12/50 (mint) $150

Council Bluffs 2003 (near mint) $50

Albany 2003 Grey/Yellow (some damage, still love this print) $25

Albany 2006 AP 66/100 (excellent) $60

Las Vegas 10th Anniversary 2000 Pink AP (near mint) $180

Seattle 2000 (very good/excellent) $55

Seattle 2002 Blue (excellent) $60

Montreal 2005 (good/some dings, can frame out i think) $35

Hartford 2008 Klausen (mint)$40

Thanks again!
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