What would you give for a Pearl jam Ticket?

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Thought this could be a bit of fun.

So picture this. Pearl Jam are coming to your country. One show only and it is in your home town, tickets sell out in an instant and you miss out. But there is one loop hole, you have to give/swap something for a ticket. No money, what would you give? It could be anything like a poster that you treasure, an autographed pearl jam photo, a car even your body for a night :D Something, Anything.

This is what I would give.

I have two signed and framed posters of two famous former australian cricketers Mark Waugh and Steve Waugh. Legends of the game. In exchange for one ticket.
Sydney 11/02/2003
Sydney 14/02/2003
Sydney 07/11/2006
Sydney 18/11/2006
Sydney 22/11/2009
EV Sydney 18/03/2011
EV Sydney 19/03/2011
EV Sydney 20/03/2011
Melbourne 24/01/2014
Sydney 26/01/2014
EV Sydney 13/02/2014
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    ...a Klondike bar

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    a guy at irving plaza was offering a kidney, that should tell you something
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    Dinner and a movie.
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