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I was just thinking of what would be a good contest. Make your best Pearl Jam T-shirt, the winner gets to put the shirt in the goods section and gets a small percentage of the profits!! You would have to send in the design, not an actual t-shirt,
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  • in the spirit of PJ profits should go to charridee
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    in the spirit of PJ profits should go to charridee

    No way! i bet 10c make enough profit for themselves and 'charridee'...considering how much us 10c members spend on membership and merchandise alone i think a little profit share is not a bad idea!
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    Thats what I meant, the profits would go to a charity of the winners choice. but the 10c would make the shirt and sell it in the goods section

    I wonder if they are going to make the winning poster from the contest #3. and put it in the goods section.
  • as cool as the designs are... and as much as that would mean to the creator of the poster... i dont think there would be a huge draw for a poster from a non-existent show... now maybe if they actually perform when and where it says on the winning poster and then sell it :)
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