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Does this happen to anyone else?

tofatofa Posts: 51
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Does this happen to anyone else?

I keep going through phases were I just love a song so much I keep putting it on. Not necessarily over and over, just that I feel a need to put it on often.

At the moment it's Immortality, but last week it was Long Road, it's weird. They are songs I have heard a million times before, but it's that rush like the first time I've heard them, except I know the words!!
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  • DarkStarDarkStar Posts: 734
    yeah...i do this.

    And no one sings me lullabyes
    And no one makes me close my eyes
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  • all the fuckin time. Ghost is mine at the moment
    I will be what i could be
    Once I get out of this town

  • PJamGrunge10PJamGrunge10 CaliforniaPosts: 594
    Hail Hail for me right now. A long time actually, usually it will last for a few weeks but I've been listening to it for a couple months now :eek:
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  • Wierd i recently went through long road and Immortality (from IIC dvd)....

    Before that I would just listen to all of yield over and over....
    "There was a band playing in my head, and I felt like getting high"
  • I was in a HUGE 'No Code' phase a month ago.. It moved on to 'Light Years' and now it's 'A Quick One (While He's Away)' from IIC with MMJ... So the answer is "yes" it happens to me too :D
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  • brain of cbrain of c Posts: 5,213
    i can't drag myself away from special xmas on xm radio.......
  • Im stuck on lowlight from melbourne 06!
    ...The Moon is Rollin' Round....
  • faithful2youfaithful2you Madison, WIPosts: 775
    yep....masters of war (93? Ed, Mike and the dude from SNL) and Throw your arms from live at the garden with Seymour.

    Just got over my Indifference phase.
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  • a5pja5pj Hershey PAPosts: 3,367
    i've been on why go for a little while now, befre that it was life wasted for months.
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  • I've been on Immortality ever since I saw it on IIC. I love ferreting out the long intro's on pearljamlive.
  • I'm on There He Goes this all the time...I change the song every few weeks or so...
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  • tofa wrote:
    Does this happen to anyone else?

    At the moment it's Immortality, but last week it was Long Road, it's weird.
    I am on an Immortality trip at the moment. I can't stop listening to it.
  • GmoneyGmoney Posts: 1,618
    DarkStar wrote:
    yeah...i do this.

    ds, your post made me laugh
    Further back and forth a wave will break on me, today...
  • GmoneyGmoney Posts: 1,618
    im still hooked on no ceiling, 2 months strong
    Further back and forth a wave will break on me, today...
  • CitizenRickCitizenRick Posts: 1,079
    I've been listening to Merkinball non-stop for 3 days now...I Got ID and Long Road on constant rotation and it never gets old.
    "Had my eyes peeled both wide open, and I got a glimpse...of my innocense, got back my inner sence, baby got it...still got it"
  • 58823005882300 Posts: 813
    All of the time.
  • pjfan31pjfan31 Posts: 7,328
    I have been doing footsteps lately,
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  • I got an mp3 player off of my brother-in-law, which I now use to go to the gym. I haven't deleted his lame music off of it yet due to lazieness.

    I got hooked on "How to Save a Life" by "The Fray". When I'm at the gym it has a good beat to run and lift weights too. However when I'm at home, I realize how much I've let myself down for poor music taste.
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  • Yes, I do this also.

    I also was on an indifference kick, hence the Iwillholdmycandle name when I joined.

    Now on No Code.
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