So, Nader is running again.



  • "...BTW hillary is barely a democrat"

    How is she not a democrat?..
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  • CitizenRickCitizenRick Posts: 1,079
    Doodah972 wrote:
    "...BTW hillary is barely a democrat"

    How is she not a democrat?..

    She is registered as a democrat...but she has the ideals of a moderate. I was totally being figurative.
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    If nader runs i wont have to vote for peter parker. this election is a joke. worse than the kerry bush 04 race.

    Yep you are right on...

    Both sides are full of shit. I am damn tired that the only choice is the lessor of two evils.

    We so need a viable third party in our country
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    I really hope McCain doesn't win. Seriously...the guy wants to continue the war in Iraq, and possibly invade Iran, because we haven't over extended the US military now, with troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, and other areas of problems.

    I can't believe this thought process is that popular, considering the shit this administration put us through. We are going to be paying of the debt from this war, as well as all the other debt this administration has obtained for at least two decades.
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