Play Rival you pussies!!!

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I've never heard rival live before until i saw that vid @ pinkpop... i always figured that song wouldn't work well live and thats why they never play it. yea umm... i was clearly wrong. and i love the different bridge(?) at 1:50.

not to mention the song has a PIANO in it on record.... can you say Boom?

play it you pussies!
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  • give it a rest with "pussy" threads
    God Loves Pearl Jam
  • Yeah that whole pussy thing...

    Good sentiment though, Rival is a great song. However it is a song in which Ed has never gotten the words right. At least not in proper order. Must piss Stone off.
  • good song but they would have to bring out Jeff's dog to growl.....

    .....I think they are trying to forget the whole Columbine thing
    God Loves Pearl Jam
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    this song really does need to start seeing the light of day again..

    One of my all time favorites
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    hey well the whole pussy thing worked for leash. of course leash is a much more demanded song. anyway, they need to play it, columbine or not, they need to.
    5/28/06, 6/27/08, 10/28/09, 5/18/10, 5/21/10
    8/7/08, 6/9/09
  • They should play it the next time they come back to the Philly/Camden area scince we are leading the nation in gun violence. Last I heard it played was Camden "00" can't remember if it was the 1st or 2nd show. Great tune!
  • One of my favorite PJ songs ever. They fucking need to bust it out.
  • I posted a thread a while back talking about this song, How its never played live, One of my favorites, They do indeed need to bring it out again.
    Get em a Body Bag Yeeeeeaaaaa!
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