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The australian pearl jam live in mullingar 8/12/07

DjangoDjango Posts: 152
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Any PJ fans in the midlands, the midlands of Ireland that is.... Come along to the Stables in Mullingar this saturday 8th of december and we'll party like it's 1992. The australian pearl jam will be making pearl jam type noises, doors 9:30, admission 10 euro. Support by Crimson.
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  • DjangoDjango Posts: 152
    It will also be John Lennon's 27th anniversary
  • DjangoDjango Posts: 152
    That's tonight.....(shameless. I know)
  • haffajappahaffajappa British ColumbiaPosts: 5,955
    if only i were in ireland...

    ...which i may be soon, just not at the moment :(
    live pearl jam is best pearl jam
  • Screw mullingar!! Play clonmel :D Im sick of seeing the irish pink floyd, the only tribute band that plays here
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