Mother Love Jam--Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns

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i found this CD in my collection today that has this song that i edited together a few years ago. basically i just took the first half of Mother Love Bone's version (w/ the Chloe Dancer intro) & combined it with the rest of Pearl Jam's version. i boosted the volume on MLB's version to match PJ's, so it would somewhat blend together better....i don't know what made me edit it at the point i did, i guess it just worked best for me there....i do remember trying to edit it so andy would sing the 1st verse and then eddie the second and so on, but i lost patience and couldn't get it to work. (maybe someone else can do that...)
anyway, it's not much....but i thought someone here might find it to be fun, then again maybe not.


i'm like an opening band for the sun...
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  • cool man!

    i'm a download this r'now!


    love this kinda shit.
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    Kinda like this edited video.
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    hmmmm, kinda but not really...

    i'm like an opening band for the sun...
  • this is really awesome! i love it when people take the time to do things like this... i found here a little bit ago people who had remixed daughter and black tags and put a bunch of them together... this is just as cool!!
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    I always wondered why PJ never does the Chloe Dancer beginning (other than a couple of bars musically, that is.) I would love to hear Eddie sing that part, too.
  • Cheers for that, that's pretty damn cool. The piano on Chloe Dancer is so haunting, gives me shivers.
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    Cheers for that, that's pretty damn cool. The piano on Chloe Dancer is so haunting, gives me shivers.
    I love the piano intro. just love it. Crown of Thorn kicks in for me towards the end with the riff.
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    Great work SeaTut!
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