My computer is not working

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I just replaced my power supply and heat sink fan. When I turn the computer on the cooling fan and heatsink come on but nothing else is coming on. A yellow light comes on by the on button but I think a blue light is suppose to come on after it gets going. I'm sure I hooked the power supply up correctly. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Sounds like a power supply problem.
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    have you tried anything else since the OP?

    double check that your monitor cable didn't come loose.

    double check the connections to your motherboard.

    reseat your RAM.

    also, take a look at the capacitors on the different boards. I recently replaced somebody's video card after their computer started having problems. he thought it was his monitor going bad, but i opened up the case and saw a capacitor on the video card that had exploded. i replaced the card and everything is fine now.

    hope that helps. :)
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    I think mine just died :disappointed:

    Gonna take it to best buy tomorrow. Power button won't turn on.
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    battery ?
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