10c seats in Hartford



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    354xxx Section 4 Row B ...not the greatest but not complaining....had a blast
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    Newch91 wrote:
    Yup, he was wearing that silly bucket hat. I was wearing my Jim Rice Red Sox jersey and youngster was wearing his #12 Tom Brady jersey. You saw us?

    It ain't fucking silly!!!!! lol


    Look for it in Boston...
  • JH10461JH10461 Posts: 9
    To the vertically challenged-

    How do you suggest us six footers enjoy the show? Rock from our sitting position so we can smell your asses? Rest our heads on your shoulders so we can smell your shitty your breath?

    I have to laugh. I always try to sit at some point. I normally find my way to the uppers for awhile too. In the future, I may stand on my seat.

    So, if you have a problem with the six footers in section 2 (and there were a few of us), complain to your parents for being short or giving you the short end of the stick. :lol:

    I suggest you be seated in the loge in the future and quit your complaining. :roll:
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    So, unlike all the previous shows, I haven't seen a single " 10c sucks/my seats were terrible" thread. Glad everyone seemed to just enjoy the show.

    I couldn't have been happier with mine. 181xxx got me section 105 row D (and there was now row A and B). About even with the 3rd row of the floor, raised up just enough and Mike tore it up for us over there.

    I was worried that I would end up like 30 rows deep on the floor, but it seems as the 10c did a solid job organizing the seats and utilizing the wings


    I'm 173XXX got 22nd row on the floor. Worst seats I ever got for a PJ show. Had two 6 footers in front of me and couldn't see a thing. PJ played well, I could tell b/c I listened (did not see) the whole show.

    Am I complaining? yeah i guess I am, I'm just saying it was my worst show experience thats all . . . not quite sure how they are allocating the seats, hope Boston is better, bringing someone who is 5' 4''; will kinda suck if I get the floor again. If I do, seriously considering getting Tix Master seating for future shows, not giving up the membership!! but I prefer to go to a show and see the band.

    Jesus, man, for a sec I thought you said you were 5'4". Don't try to outmidget a midget brotha. For the record, 369xxx, and I had sec 5 row 5 on the floor, aisle seats. Not bad for this dwarf.
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    Newch91 wrote:
    I'm 326 and got section 4 on the floor, row D. Pretty awesome seats right next to our boy Dissidentman.

    What??? I think I saw him. Was he wearing his hat? If he was, then I definitely saw you guys before PJ went on, talking and laughing.
    Yup, he was wearing that silly bucket hat. I was wearing my Jim Rice Red Sox jersey and youngster was wearing his #12 Tom Brady jersey. You saw us?

    I think that I was right next to you.

    I'm 366xxx and was in sec 4 row D. The seats were decent. My girlfriend hated them because she couldn't see over anybody. Here's the only picture I took during the show.

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